3 Books You Must Read and Review on Your Blog

"The hobbit"

“The hobbit”

If you are running the sort of blog that focuses on reviewing books and movies or even bands in order to draw in your viewers then this is definitely the article for you. There are some stories that are absolutely timeless and in order to really catch the attention of the people that you are hoping to write for, you will need to use those stories to your ends. That is why there are certain books that you should definitely be reading and reviewing for your blog, even if they are not the sort of thing that you would regularly read. There are plenty of books and movies just like this, but here are just three really famous stories that you ought to be reading and reviewing.

Lord of the Rings

"Read the lord of the rings and write up a review for it"

“Read the lord of the rings and write up a review for it”

That’s right, you need to read and review the entire trilogy. With as much of a following as the Lord of the Rings has, it will do you a lot of good to have at least read it, but to write review for this book as well will work well for you also. Whether you enjoy the trilogy or find it too dry to read through, putting that opinion out there on the web is a really great way to get people interested in what you have to say. Yes, you may get some poor feedback from people who love the books if you did not find them enjoyable, but having the guts to call it out in that case will earn you a lot more admiration than enmity. Besides, putting up an opinion on something as well known as Lord of the Rings will make it so much easier for people to find your blog through random web searches.


"Beautiful stories from Shakespeare - Don't miss out"

“Beautiful stories from Shakespeare – Don’t miss out”

While Shakespeare is not a book himself, nor are any of his plays technically books either, reading through a Shakespearean play and putting a review up on your blog is a really great way to catch people’s attention. Not just because there are a lot of people who really love Shakespeare’s work and love to read about new people who are discovering it, but because it will show that you have a lot of class and the ability to read things that might not make sense to most people. That will raise your reputation in and of itself and make potential viewers more keen to come back and see what else it is that you have to say.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Another great, timeless classic is the book To Kill a Mockingbird. It is especially important to read this book and give your opinion on it nowadays because of everything that is going on out in the world right now. Racism is a huge running theme in the book and is still a large, ongoing topic in today’s current events. By putting forth the effort to seem educated on the subject you will bring people flocking to your blog to see what other educated opinions you might have on other matters.


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