3 Tips for Making Your cPanel Experience Easier

"Find out the basics about what cPanel is and why it is important"

“Find out the basics about what cPanel is and why it is important”

It’s okay. Not everyone is a web hosting genius and automatically gets everything about it on their first go. In fact, most people are a little confused by what is going on and what they can do about this app or this feature. This is especially true of cPanel hosting. There are so many options that you have no idea what they do or how to use them that it’s understandable if you get overwhelmed by them sometimes.

You’re in luck. Since everyone starts somewhere there are resources and ways to get around this issue and to combat it head first. It’s important to know how to run your site to the best of your ability and you need to be aware of what all you can do with it. There’s definitely a starting point to begin figuring out all these things. Eventually you’ll become a cPanel pro.

Read A Lot Of Tutorials

When you find out that your host or possible host uses cPanel you should start looking up tutorials and info pages about what exactly this means for you and your site. Start small and work your way up. First find out why cPanel is vital. Then you can go step by step and figure out what all your options are when it comes to the features it and your host can offer you. Pretty soon it will be easy to use and things will come more natural. If you still don’t understand cPanel or decide that you don’t like it then you may want to look into using another host or pick another host to look into for your possible site hosting.

Ask Your Host Questions Beforehand

"Get prepared to ask some questions"

“Get prepared to ask some questions”

Your host or possible host should have an email address to use for the purpose of asking questions or even a customer support area of their site that you can use. Pick the method that feels the best. Write them out beforehand so that you don’t forget anything and make sure they’re specific and allow you to become better informed.

Remember, you are going to be paying this person or are thinking of paying this person money to give you a service. It’s perfectly find to ask a lot of questions to better understand the services they’re giving or can give to you. No question is dumb in this stage of the game.

Take Lots Of Notes

When going through your cPanel, cPanel tutorials, or asking your host about your cPanel abilities, make sure to take a lot of good and detailed notes. Create a reference guide for yourself so you don’t remember any features, statistics, notes, numbers, and passwords for your site and cPanel. By taking notes and creating references for yourself you have now made it easier on yourself and your brain. You don’t have to worry about solidifying all of this information immediately when you create cheat sheets and guides. You’ve given yourself the ability to look back and forth, acquire this information as you go, and to get used to it in small doses and not all at once.


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