3 Ways to Get More Visitors to Read Your About Page

"Include some high-quality pictures of yourself in your about us page"

“Include some high-quality pictures of yourself in your about us page”

When you create a blog, your About page is a little showcase for yourself and your personality. And, often times, readers want to know about who is behind the content they love to read each week. Having an easily accessible and enticing About section of your site can also entice readers to stray from their landing page to read your bio, which will prevent them from becoming a “bounce” in your analytics’ bounce rate. This is a page where you can really let your creativity shine, and talk about your family, your passions, and show off pictures of yourself and your home. But how do you get people to actually READ your About page? Here are a few tips for enticing your audience.

1. Have a Mini Bio in Your Sidebar

It’s a good idea to set up a part of the sidebar on your blog to have a mini bio for readers to see, even if they never leave their landing page. Featuring a headshot of yourself and small, abridged version of your full bio page will let readers see your face and get a feel for who you are. If they like what they see, they just might head over to your About section to read more. Typically, this mini bio is located at the very top of sidebars, but it can sometimes be found underneath posts.

2. Make the Link Easily Visible

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The link to your main About Me page should be a part of the main navigation for your blog, and be clearly visible. If this page is hard to locate, it’s not one that most people will take the time to hunt for. Even if they want to read one, if people can’t find your page, they may assume you don’t have one at all. Try to keep navigation simple, fits in with your site, and appeals to readers. You don’t want to make it too flashy, or it might distract readers from your content. At the same time, everything should be clearly labeled and easy to find. Subtle, visually appealing colors and fonts are key for a good navigation bar.

3. Include a Link in Your Signature

If you have a signature at the end of your posts, comments, or social media profiles that includes a small blurb about yourself, you should be sure to include a link to your full About page as well. This will not only get people to read your biography (which is a very satisfying feeling) but also drive traffic to your site. If someone on Facebook was curious enough to click the link to your About page, they’re probably interested in what your blog has to offer as well.

Using mini biographies and links to encourage traffic to your About page is a surefire way to increase your website hits. The more fans who read your bio, the more fans who will feel a personal connection with you when they read your posts. That connection is what will help make the difference between a passive audience, and one who actively shares and engages with your posts.


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