4 Ways To Make Sure You Got The Best Blog Name

"Choose a catchy name that is easy to spell and remember"

“Choose a catchy name that is easy to spell and remember”

Think about a company you like. It can be a fast food place or your favorite place to shop. What makes them a recognizable grand to you? Their colors and logo? Their products or mission statement? One thing that you should think of is their name. A bad name can kill a company. They can also kill a great blog.

When it comes to naming your blog, you have to be inventive but not so creative that you sail off course. There are a lot of methods to picking a blog name but whichever you choose you should make sure you’ve pick the best one available.

Is It Catchy?

"A Catchy title can grab attention of millions"

“A Catchy title can grab attention of millions”

A blog name should be something that stays with someone. There’s thousands of blogs out there, possibly millions, so you need to have a blog title that wiggles its way into someone’s brain and keeps coming back. A catchy title is one that will definitely make people remember it and so will their search history.

As an example, if your name is Nicholas and you have a hobby blog, call it ‘Nick Knacks’ instead of ‘Nick’s Odds and Ends’. It’s clever and catchy. It might be a little cheesy but that’s fine. It’s something with sticking power.

Is It Something No One Else Has?

"Come up with a unique blog name"

“Come up with a unique blog name”

You can usually find a blog title that is general enough to not be too niche but that is also specific enough that someone else doesn’t have it. Before you settle down on one name, though, make sure that you have done a web search or two to see if your name is taken by someone else. Sharing a blog name isn’t good when there are so many choices. Also, in the instance that you have a blog with a possible acronym title, check to see what else shares that acronym. If your blog is called ‘Elissa’s Arts and Crafts’, see what else comes up if you do a general search for ‘EAC’.

Is It Personal?

Your blog name doesn’t have to be personal but it adds a bit of a familiar touch. If you’d like to remain anonymous, then that’s fine and doesn’t necessarily hurt your blog or your traffic. If you are someone who wants to be transparent, however, adding your name or something personal to your blog title will help you greatly. It adds a sense of personality to you blog which isn’t a bad thing. Being a person and not a shadowy figure means that people can connect with you better in your own space.

Do People Respond Well To It?

Before you solidify your blog name you may want to ask friends and others what they think about your choice. Does it slip off the tongue well? Do they think it’s cute or funny like you intended? Get some input and opinion from outside sources on how creative and inventive you’re really being. If you get a few complaints then it may be time to go back to the drawing board. Don’t get discouraged. There are many options to pick from with a little thought and effort.


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