Can You Really Use Free Hosting Sites for Small Businesses?

"Free hosting sites are best for startup businesses"

“Free hosting sites are best for startup businesses”

When you’re looking to make a blog or webpage for a small business you may be tempted to sign up with the big companies that offer you a ton of storage or other features for a price. Everyone uses these, that’s why they exist, right? Not exactly. Just because some people are willing to pay more for a few more benefits doesn’t mean that you have to just because you’re a business. Since you are still small, it’s more beneficial overall financially to actually keep your blog free. You can use free hosting and keep your business going, and we’re going to tell you how.

Free Sites

There are many hosts out there that offer free websites to those that want to sign up. The most popular ones are,, and This isn’t to say that these are the only ones, but they are the most popular for a reason. Being widely used they are easy to navigate, customize, and edit. Granted, Square Space is only free for a certain amount of time when you sign up, it’s still ranking as one of the top initially free blogs since it’s considered the most creative yet professional of them all. Either way, finding a site like these is key in getting your business started.


"Wordpress - Give it a try"

“WordPress – Give it a try”

CMS is the content managing system that you’ll be using when customizing your business blog. While you can get very advanced with this, you also don’t need much to begin with. If this is your first time blog for your company, than you’ll have no problem learning the ropes with any of the aforementioned free blogs. You can upload the information and pages that you want while editing everything that you need to without paying a dime. You may be limited on storage per month, but as you figure things out you’ll be able to tell if you need to pay more for this service. Other than that you’ll find that these sites have very popular free managing systems that are working for millions, some of which are other businesses. If you need any help, you can always message or call the hosting site straightaway, but they really do design it to be easy for the user to create their blogs.


SEO means search engine friendly, and this is what you want your blog to be. When a blog is SEO it’s considered naturally capable of showing up on search engines. This is crucial in getting your business better known. By using keywords and your entries to your webpage, you’ll be picked up by random Internet users searching for exactly what you have to offer, free of charge. Not all hosts are compatible with this, so it is helpful for you to stick with the better-known free sites that you find to ensure that you’re easily searchable. If you’re not sure if the site you’re looking at is, don’t be afraid to ask them. It could mean the difference between success and failure for your blog.


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