cPanel Features You Need to Make the Most Of

cPanel's tools allow you to run your website successfully

cPanel’s tools allow you to run your website successfully

As far as web hosts are concerned, cPanel is the industry standard control panel. It’s known for its ease of use and multitude of features to help website owners get the most out of their site. As a beginner, cPanel can seem very daunting, and once you get the swing of its most basic features you many not want to explore any further. You’d be missing out, though, on some very helpful resources for you and your website. Everything from email hosting that can be hooked up to your present email account, to security for your website is available through cPanel. Don’t let these key features go to waste on your website.

Email Access

Using cPanel, you are granted access to any email accounts you may want to have set up for your business. While cPanel itself has a relatively limited email system as far as customization goes, it can be easily hooked up to your existing Gmail account with a simple plugin. From there, you can have all of your business email forwarded to your personal account (without ever giving away your personal email address to strangers) and manage customization and formatting of your responses.

Backing Up Your Site

cPanel allows you to backup and store your website's content

cPanel allows you to backup and store your website’s content

Along with features to help you access and organize your website’s files, is cPanel’s Backup Wizard. This will quickly and easily allow you to backup data, settings, and all of the related files you would need to restore your website in the event of an emergency, or if you ever decide to switch to a different hosting company. Without a wizard to simplify the process, it can be hard to ensure you’ve got EVERYTHING for your site kept safe and sound.

Management for Domains

Many web hosting services will allow you to maintain subdomains under the main domain name that you purchased when you started service with them. Using cPanel, you can easily keep track of and manage subdomains you created to test out new features of your website or as a private section for certain clients. Easily create and manage all of your domains under one category of your control panel.

Security Features

"cPanel allows you to set up password protection on the backend of your website"

“cPanel allows you to set up password protection on the backend of your website”

Keeping your site safe from spam and security breaches is a tough job, but cPanel has some excellent features to help ease the burden. If you are running an online store, you can create a secure shopping experience for your customers. Need to block an IP address of someone who bothersome or dangerous to you or your business? No problem.


As your site grows, you can use cPanel’s own analytics feature to determine site traffic and specific statistics about your website. They provide numbers on who is visiting your site, where visitors are located, all about your SEO, and what kind of browsers are being most popularly used to view your site. You can also opt to install a plug-in like Google Analytics for a more comprehensive ideas of your audience.


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