Features of a Top Notch Hosting Site

When you decide to start a blog you’ll have a lot of big decisions to make. Since so many people want to have them you’ll find that there are tons of different hosts out there that will sell you the space to create your very own place online. If that’s out of your price-range, don’t worry. There are other hosts that will let you start up for free. No matter what you end up paying, you have to make sure that you’re getting a top notch host that will give you exactly what you want. If you’re not sure what to look for, keep reading.

Customer Service

"Top notch hosting sites offer great customer service"

“Top notch hosting sites offer great customer service”

It cannot be stressed enough how important customer service is. This blog is going to be an online representation of you and/or the business that you’re going to set up. You don’t want to run into dead ends or have mistakes littering your page. This is where customer service comes in. They are the I.T. guys at your host company that will make sure that you have the ability to customize your blog. If you can’t find a direct number or email to your host then you may want to consider other options. Some hosts save money by only offering their services to customers who pay. The rest of the customers get what is called community help. There are forums on their site that take customer questions and let other customers answer them. This isn’t all that bad if you’re pretty tech savvy yourself. If you’re not, though, the occasional employee from your host company who answers community questions for a living might not be enough. You can judge the level of customer service that will work for you.


"High-quality hosting sites offer unlimited space at affordable prices"

“High-quality hosting sites offer unlimited space at affordable prices”

Again, it depends on what you purchase, but there are different levels of “space” that you’ll get with different hosts. Some will offer you unlimited storage through the Cloud if you buy their premium package. While it’s not exactly unlimited, there is a huge amount of space for you to upload information and whatnot onto your blog. When you’re paying less, or nothing, you’ll find that the sites put a cap onto how much you can upload per month. Most likely you won’t run out if you’re not updating your blog often. But if you are someone who’s really looking to make this into a business or supplement of sorts then it might be worth it for you to spring the extra money.


Pricing is always a big deal to people. You don’t want to pay for something that you won’t use but you want to get a good price on what you will use. That’s natural. Some sites offer great deals if you sign up for a whole year. Look for something around $7.00-$8.50 per month as a premium, yearlong membership and you’ve got the best deal. Be wary of anything under that as you may not be getting all of the benefits that you think you are. Anything over that is unnecessary since it is possible to get hosting in this price range.


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