Figuring Out What Tone to Take on Your Website

"Try to write quality content that attracts your readers"

“Try to write quality content that attracts your readers”

When you’re writing content for your business’s website, it’s important that your writing has personality and voice, or your content will flat and readers will be bored. Everyone has a unique “voice” to offer when they write, and practice will help you bring out yours. However, you will also need to control the tone you use with your customers. After all, you wouldn’t take to your mother the way you would talk to your manager. Different types of business call for different tones of writing. When you’re just starting out with an online business for the first time, it can be difficult to settle on what kind of tone your website and business should be using. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Know Your Audience

Having a good idea of who you’re talking to is the best place to start figuring out what tone to use in your content. If you have a business plan already, you should be familiar with who your target market is. If you don’t already know, a key step to your business’s success will be identifying this market. Once you can envision your ideal customer, you can imagine yourself talking to them. Practice writing a post in the way you would talk to your ideal customer out loud. Do you talk to them like a friend? An employer? Like a student? Become familiar with your audience and the tone that demographic prefers to take about your business topic. Companies marketing to younger groups will have more flexibility for humor and risky advertising campaigns that companies marketing to middle age professionals. A clothing company and a DIY blog will talk to their customers in different tones simply because one is perceived as a business and the other as just another online “friend” to readers.

Find Your Place Between Professional and Casual

"Take a more professional tone when responding to your customer's emails"

“Take a more professional tone when responding to your customer’s emails”

Different types of businesses will have different levels of comfort when talking to their clientele. If you are operating a bank, you will likely speak very professionally and conservatively to your clients, avoiding topics like politics, details about your personal like, and crude jokes. If you’re running a blog or a business selling casual or gag products, the tone you take will be much friendlier and leave room for more lax conversations to arise. Companies like Poopourri go so far as to use undisguised bathroom humor to address their customers and advertise their product, and their customer base has put out a massively positive response.

Different Platforms, Different Tones

As you set up social media accounts to advertise for your business and enact marketing plans, you’ll start to become familiar with the different tones that each platform facilitates. Twitter, for example, is more personal and casual than Facebook. A successful Pinterest account relies on a very high standard of useful content, while Instagram promotes more casual photo sharing. You may be very casual on your site but you should be professional when talking to your customers to show that you take your clients’ problems seriously and will address their problems in a professional way.


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