Fun Ways to Make Your Pet Important to Your Website Followers

Your blog needs some personality, and you need everyone to see that your dog is absolutely the cutest. Having a fun mascot is a great way to get people engaged. More people like dogs than babies, to start with, and it’s a great way to add a personal touch to an impersonal business. If you’re trying to start a blog about saving money, that’s not going to engage with people as much. Adding your pet into the mix is a good way to seem approachable and human, no matter what you’re writing about.

Include Photos of Them Everywhere

"You should include your pet's pictures in your About Us Page"

“You should include your pet’s pictures in your About Us Page”

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that everyone knows your pet. This is true whether you have an adorable dog, a precious potbellied pig, or a cat that’s never impressed with you. So put up photos of them! Make sure that your pet as a place on your “About Us” page, and is included in any employee pictures. You can also use adorable snaps of them as illustrations in your blog entries and to decorate your error pages. Anything that increases the visibility of your pet is a good idea.

Write Advice from Your Pet’s Perspective

"The best way to engage your readers"

“The best way to engage your readers”

Obviously, this isn’t going to work for every business all of the time, but it’s a good way to add a little lightness and humor. If you’re an accounting business trying to get a viral blog post going, it might help to have “your dog” write up a post about how to invest money for his bones, shots, and trips to the groomers. Try to think of various angles that you could take this, for whatever your business or your blog is. You don’t want to over do this, but it can really get people engaged with your business.

Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

It’s the little things that make you seem approachable and human. When you’re just another person who loves their pet as much as a child you’re going to strike a chord with a lot of people. Try celebrating your pet’s birthday on your site. If you don’t know their birthday, try to remember the day that you got them so you can celebrate that instead. If all else fails, just pick a day to celebrate and make it that. And remember: everyone loves pictures of animals in costumes!

Feature Your Pet on Coupons

If you want to get people to associate your pet with all that’s good and wonderful about your business, let you’re furry, scaly, or feathery friend save them some money! There’s nothing that beats a good coupon sale for scaring up business, and it’s a great way to increase your pet’s profile and visibility to your reader base. 50% off with a picture of a happy puppy is going to brighten everyone’s day, and subconsciously train them that seeing that dog is the best thing that could happen to their wallets. Then the next time you put a picture of your pooch on a regular blog post they’re going to still feel like it’s a great deal.


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