How To Ask Your Host The Right cPanel Questions

"When asking questions, try to be polite"

“When asking questions, try to be polite”

If you’re like a lot of people then you have no idea what cPanel is or how to use it. While this may seem like an embarrassing fact and the ways to change it seem daunting, both of these assumptions are actually wrong. The journey of a million miles starts with a single step and the steps in this case are actually really simple.

One of the first stops you should take on your journey to understanding cPanel should be to your website host or their tech support team. They can be a great resource to you in learning how to use cPanel and what all you should do to use it. Coming up with good questions can be hard, but that’s alright too. There are definitely ways to think up great questions to ask and ways to do so that help you out and your host or support team to help you.

Knowing What You Need To Know

Try to ask more specific questions that pertain to more detailed information

Try to ask more specific questions that pertain to more detailed information

When you ask a question you should start off by being vague but not so unspecific that they’re better suited to give you a book or a site to go to. Consider the question ‘How do I use cPanel?’ and how long of an answer you’ll be given. Instead of a question like this ask something along the lines of ‘What should I do to get used to cPanel and what it does for my blog?’. This kind of question is one that can be answered by a support person or your host without pages of answers and even more confusing information for you to process. When that question is answered, ask more relevant questions that branch off from your original one.

Always Be Polite And Referential

Ask your questions in a polite manner. This is a lot of information to take in and it’s in an area that you don’t know a lot about. It might all sound like a foreign language that they’re talking to you in but be patient and ask questions twice if you need to. Remember that they know more than you do and be respectful of this fact. Getting angry or flying off the handle because you don’t understand is unacceptable and rude to whoever is trying to help you out. Remember, a tech support team or host is there to help you and you should be grateful for this resource. Act as such during your communications.

Using The Correct Terminology

You most likely aren’t accustomed to the language and terms that are being used and that’s to be expected from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. To combat any miscommunication, try to be as specific and use the correct phrases and names of anything that you’re discussing. This may involve taking some notes and keeping a browser tab open but so be it. Phrases like ‘the backup square’ and ‘whatever the red circle icon is’ are detrimental to your learning and don’t help anyone who is trying to help you.


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