How To Find Out If You Qualify for Discount Web Service

"If you're running a small business, then you'll get the best deals from top notch hosting sites"

“If you’re running a small business, then you’ll get the best deals from top notch hosting sites”

Most people know that running a website isn’t cheap. Often people operate under the misconception that a good quality, professional website can be run for little to no money, but those who have experience in the field know better. Between paying the cost of web host providers, extra features, advertising, graphics design software and other employees that may be working on your site with you, it can all add up to quite the pretty penny when most starter blogs or web sites simply don’t have the revenue available to be able to afford it all at once. You’ll want to get discounts for your site wherever you can to help offset the cost of otherwise overpriced packages. Keeping your site in the black isn’t easy, but there are a lot of different ways to save that you might not ordinarily consider, especially if you’re relatively new to the world of web hosting. Here you’ll find just a few of the areas you may want to explore to help bring down the cost of running your website, though it’s by no means exhaustive.

Student Web Hosting Packages

If you're a student, try to find a student web hosting site

If you’re a student, try to find a student web hosting site

It’s well known that students don’t tend to have a lot of money to spare. It’s perhaps because of this that it seems like there are student discounts for everything, and web services are no exception. A quick Google search will pull up a number of sites willing to sell specifically to students who can verify their current educational status. Some have requirements as to the type of site you can run, but some are pretty open ended. If you happen to be in school studying some form of web design, you have even more options to choose from. Student Web Hosting is a site created specifically for web design students, and through them and using the code SGWD25 you can get 25% off their current service packages. They offer one click installs for WordPress, e-Commerce, forums, and Drupal along with features such as cPanel, PHP, CGI, Webstats, FTP, MySQUL, SSH and more. There are no hidden fees, and the setup costs are non existent and super fast. Do your research before you buy, just like they teach you in class. You never know what kind of discounts you’ll dig up.

Small Business Discounts

Small Businesses get a lot more discounts than you might imagine as well. Yahoo in particular is well known for offering steep web hosting discounts to small businesses who are trying to make a web presence for themselves and often have several coupons available with varying deals depending on the package you buy and when you’re looking to purchase. Deals range from waived set up fees to free domain registration to an upgraded level of service offerings for small businesses for as low as $11.95 a month. Most web hosts will over special packages especially geared towards small businesses, even without a specific sale or coupon going on. The packages tend to be more robust than your standard shared hosting plan and also slightly less bloated than a pro plan might be. The idea of these packages is to sell a kind of middling ground to those who have grown out of your typical packages but aren’t quite ready to shell out the big bucks for a mega hosting plan just yet.


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