How to Successfully Introduce Your Blog

"Through social media you can inform your audience about your blog"

“Through social media you can inform your audience about your blog”

More and more people are opting to create blogs for their websites, either for personal reasons or because they feel it would improve business. Regardless of the reason for choosing to create a blog, there’s one very important thing that should be taken into careful consideration, and that’s how you choose to introduce your blog to the Internet. Though it is basically as easy as making your first post, if you want to be a successful blogger and get people interested in reading what you have to write, you’re going to want your introduction to have a little more emphasis. If you’re not exactly sure how to go about introducing your blog in the right way, there are some very simple steps you can follow.

Build Up Some Hype

This doesn’t mean you need to start a viral marketing technique to get people intrigued about your upcoming blog, but it definitely won’t hurt to let people know that it’s on its way. You can do this by using social media to inform people that you’re working on creating a blog, by making a small announcement on your website, or by letting people know in your website’s newspaper. The announcement itself doesn’t have to be grandiose in design, but you should at least make an effort to give people some insight on what your blog will be about, what direction you’d like to take it in, and how you think it would be useful or informative to people.

Make Good Layout Choices

"Make sure you choose a good layout for your blog"

“Make sure you choose a good layout for your blog”

While the layout of a blog is technically a secondary element, the fact of the matter is that if the layout is a visually disruptive train wreck, people aren’t going to want to stick around to read more. Before you even get around to writing your first blog post, you need to make sure that the layout of your blog is going to appeal to the masses. You obviously can’t please everyone, but you can make a point of choosing font, colors, and a background that will appeal to the majority. It’s important to stay away from extremes in this area and to stick with something simple that still showcases your blog in a good way.


Run some quality ads on your blog in order to grab viewer's attention

Run some quality ads on your blog in order to grab viewer’s attention

A lot of successful bloggers run ads on their blog. However, a lot of successful bloggers stay away from ads, too. In the end the choice is entirely up to you. However, remember that advertisements can really detract from the overall experience for readers, so carefully consider the pros and cons of running ads before you make your final choice.

Write a Great Intro Post

The final thing you’re going to do to introduce your blog is write up the first post. This is how you’re going to make the true first impression, so you want it to be a good one. Make sure to emphasize who you are and what you’re aiming to do. From there, you can expand into the reasons why you’re writing the blog, the ways you think it will be relevant, and how you hope it can be of use to people. You want to establish the blog’s purpose in that first post, so be to the point and descriptive.


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