How to Tell If the Host You Are Using Is Right for You

"Find a web host that offers quality service at affordable prices"

“Find a web host that offers quality service at affordable prices”

There’s a difference between a good webhost and the right webhost for you. There are plenty of hosts that are geared towards the needs of businesses that aren’t yours. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that you’re getting a web host that not only checks off all the boxes on the “is this web host a good one?” list, but actually is set up for sites like the one you dream of making successful.

Is the Customer Service Prompt

Your web host shouldn’t be content with having sold you your domain and hosting space. Your web host should still be treating you like a valuable client and potential sale, because that’s what you are. If you call up customer service to talk about maybe getting more RAM for the month they should get back to you ASAP, no doubt about it. Having that in your corner is the best thing that you can hope for in these circumstances. Your site isn’t going to succeed if you have a web host who thinks you’re too “small” a client to be worthy of attention.

Can You Always Reach Tech Support

"24x7 tech support"

“24×7 tech support”

Any second that your site spends down is a second that you could be missing out on traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 hits per day, 110, or 10,010. You should always be able to reach tech support the instant that you know your site isn’t responding as it should. You don’t just have to call when it’s down completely; if it’s stopping and starting or else loading very slowly you still have a lot of reason to call in and get someone working on fixing it.

Do You Have a Plan for Growing Your Website

In addition to being there for your month to month needs, you web host should help you form a plan for growing your website. Ideally you’re going to be getting more and more traffic as time goes on. Sales are going to drive sales, your blog is going to bring in traffic, and eventually you’re going to outgrow the space that you’re leasing on the server. When that happens you need to know the next step. A really good webhost is going to let you know when you’re approaching the need to upgrade your plan and will be ready to discuss with you how to handle getting you the larger package that you need.

Are There Hidden Fees or Service Charges

"Avoid the sites that charge hidden fees"

“Avoid the sites that charge hidden fees”

Lastly, you want to take a look at all the service fees and charges that you have coming in every month. Is the bill what you’d expect that to be? If you’re dealing with a lot of fees that you didn’t see coming, you need to switch your web hosts. You’re not going to get anywhere with a host that can’t be honest with you about what they’re selling and how they’re going to be selling it. If you didn’t see these costs coming you shouldn’t pay them for very long.


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