Key Features Your Host Should Be Offering You

"Good customer service"

“Good customer service”

Unscrupulous web hosts taking advantage of idealistic young business and website owners is a tale as old as the Internet. Fortunately, all it takes to save you is a little knowledge. There are a lot of features that any decent webhost would give you for free that scammers would either not provide or would try to charge you for. Before you commit to any one web host, take a look at a few and make sure that everyone you’re looking at offers these four services as part of their basic package.

Reliable Bandwidth

"The top-quality hosting sites offer reliable bandwidth"

“The top-quality hosting sites offer reliable bandwidth”

Even when you’re on a shared server there should be some sort of guaranteed minimum bandwidth for your computer. Bandwidth is literally the size of the “pipe” that connects your server to the computer that someone trying to view your site is using. A tiny pipe is easily clogged; a big pipe lets all kinds of information flow quickly and easily through it. This means that your site will load quickly when you have adequate bandwidth, but very slowly when it’s restricted. There should always be some sort of guarantee that lets you know how much bandwidth you can expect at any given time.

cPanel Backend

"Choose the host that offers cPanel backend access"

“Choose the host that offers cPanel backend access”

cPanel is a dashboard or directory that lets you interface with the coding on your site. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know a lot of coding to make this work. If you know what you want to accomplish, cPanel can help you do it without requiring you to take a bunch of computer science courses first. If you’re trying to upload a picture to a web page, all you have to do is click a button and upload the file; cPanel will handle the HTML so that your image is displayed just how you want it, without fuss.

Multiple Email Accounts

Your web host shouldn’t be charging you for email accounts. Even if you’re the only person using the accounts it can be nice to have a separate email for customer complaints than you have for talking with your factory workers, or something of that nature. When you have all of that in one inbox things tend to get lost. If your web host is telling you that you’re going to have to pay extra for every email address you should move on. It doesn’t take up to have an email address, and everything you store is going to come out of your space anyway. You shouldn’t pay twice to use your own space.


Subdomains are different aspects of your site, just as You should be able to set those up so that you can easily see different aspects or sides of your site. These aren’t generally available to the public, and are all stored in the same space that you’re leasing anyway, so you shouldn’t have to pay anything extra to be able to set them up or use them. One of the ways that web hosts try to get extra money from you is by demanding that you pay up for them.


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