Make Your Blog Unique Without Looking Unprofessional

"Make sure your blog's layout is incomparable and unbeatable"

“Make sure your blog’s layout is incomparable and unbeatable”

Since there are so many bloggers out there you really get a chance to see what makes a blog look professional and what makes it look amateur. Most people will do everything that they can to make their blogs look “unique” by adding everything from the preset editing options. Sure, they’ve got more on there, but it doesn’t look clean or pleasing to the eye. This is just one aspect that makes a blog look less than legitimate. While they can all operate the same, technically, by having elements that clutter in your own blog you’ll be considered an amateur and possibly be passed over by potential readers. This isn’t something that you want to happen, so try these tips to make your blog unique without being unprofessional in appearance.


You don’t need moving gifs all over your page or extra widgets that keep track of every possible thing on your site. The first move is to de-clutter. Go through and decide on a theme for your site. Possible ideas can be cooking, fashion, video games, variety hour, or even something like racing. Whatever it is that you want to write about make that your theme throughout your blog. A background that is two colors maximum is ideal, but the colors can be your choice. Maybe find something that’s a muted yellow with grey whisks all over it if you’re a baker. Or you can abandon the theme in this aspect and simply go with a solid color. Then you can spend those creative, themed points for somewhere else on your blog. The point is that you don’t want to overbear your audience from the get-go.

Add Pictures

"Add some his-res pictures to your blog"

“Add some his-res pictures to your blog”

You don’t want to make your site difficult to load, especially since many people use their phones to surf online, but adding a few pictures can add to the uniqueness that is your blog. A great photo on the most current page, or home page if that’s how you have it set up, can be an attention-getter without overwhelming the rest of your blog. Keeping your pictures high-definition will be the best way to get attention since not everyone has access to this, so it will set you apart. If you do have to use less than that, just make sure that you put a picture there for a purpose. No matter the quality, you don’t want to add pictures if all it’s going to do is clutter your blog (see step one). Every time you load something ask yourself if it’s necessary. A new picture of each part of your Outfit of the Day on a fashion blog might be a little much. Instead take a picture of you wearing all of the new items and post it. One picture versus five of them and you can still pose in a way where everyone can see enough detail.

There’s no one right way to make a blog unique, just make sure that you keep it clean and that you can easily navigate it. Those two combined will make for a winning blog.


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