Reasons Why Bloggers Must Use cPanel Hosting

"A blogger can easily track the performance of their website through cPanel"

“A blogger can easily track the performance of their website through cPanel”

If you’re new to blog hosting, you’re probably running into a lot of unfamiliar terminology as you hunt for the best deals out there. It can be an understandably confusing experience as you look at your array of choices, scratch your head, and wonder which ones you should prioritize. While your list of must have features may fluctuate depending on the kind of blog you plan on running, a guaranteed must have for every blog is cPanel hosting.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel based off of the Linux operating system. It provides an easy to navigate graphical interface and array of tools to allow you to update, edit and alter your site. Prior to applications like cPanel users often had to rely on uploading hand written script via an FTP server, which was much more difficult and unreliable. When script errors occurred it was difficult to tell where or how, and navigating your uploaded folders could be a nightmare depending on the number of files your site required to run. cPanel significantly simplifies the process of running a blog.

Why Use cPanel?

"You can easily transfer your website from one host to another"

“You can easily transfer your website from one host to another”

In addition to it generally making it easier for you to build and enhance your blog, cPanel is the most widely used platform for website editing with top host servers worldwide. This means it has a whole community of users who have worked out nearly every kink in the system, every trouble spot, and it’s really easy to find solutions to your problems in the rare instance that something goes wrong.

It also has tons of features to make your blog hosting experience a lot more user friendly. For example, through your hosts cPanel not only can you manage your site, but you can manage multiple accounts and email addresses you may have connected to your blog. This is especially critical if you have a blog with multiple regular writers or contributors who may need various levels of access when you aren’t available. It also lets you tack on extras as your site continues to grow. The extras available to you depend on your site host as they’re the ones who need to be able to make them available, but they can range from website building tools to design templates.

And if you’re thinking about changing hosts, cPanel makes that easy too. Since almost every host out there uses cPanel, moving from one to the other is a breeze. Not to mention that it will be easy for you to settle in on your new host since you’re already familiar with how cPanel works. Some of the aesthetics may be different from site to site, but the essential features of the platform never change.

Don’t Forget Softaculous

Softaculous is an amazing tool, and a must-have for anyone using cPanel. It’s an add-on you can include that gives you access to tons of open source programs that will make your life easier, like blogging packages with tools in them specifically engineered towards new bloggers. Before you sign on with a web host, make sure they offer Softaculous.


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