Taking Your Restaurant’s Website Above Amateur

These days, if your business doesn’t have an online presence it’s hard for many people to take you seriously. If you have a restaurant, a website and thoroughly completed online profiles is one of your best methods of advertising. Tourists and locals alike find restaurants with apps or Internet searches for “restaurants near me” and want to be able to not only find a phone number for a restaurant, but their hours, their menu, and a nicely designed website. If you already have a website for your restaurant, it may be time for an upgrade so you don’t fall behind the pack. Here are a few key features for your site that will take it from amateur to professional.

Professional Photography

"Use high definition pictures"

“Use high definition pictures”

Visual appeal is one of the most important factors for any business with an online presence to have. Blurry, low quality, and tiny pictures give off a very unprofessional feel for your business, and worse still is not having any pictures at all. Include not only your logo on your website, but also pictures of the outside and inside. Potential customers are often curious about what your establishment looks like, and want to know that it looks clean and up to their standards. Having bright, clear, and high quality photos of your restaurant will not only provide attractive visuals for your site, but also build trust with future patrons.

Well Designed Menu

"Well organized and attractive menu"

“Well organized and attractive menu”

Your website should showcase your restaurant’s menu, along with all of your prices. Curious customers want to see if there’s anything available that they will want to eat, and if it’s within their price range. You can improve your customers’ experience by not only providing a well-designed menu on your website, but a printable PDF download as well, for those who like to keep physical copies of take-out menus. This will allow customers to plan ahead, and an attractive design will further improve how visitors think of your business.

Up to Date Site Design

"For better viewing experience"

“For better viewing experience”

The unfortunate truth is that too many restaurants use highly outdated designs for their websites. The idea of a well-designed site can unattainable if you have a tight budget, but it’s not as hard to achieve as it might seem. Platforms like WordPress offer hundreds of free website templates you can download and customize for your website with minimal knowledge about design.

Social Media Platforms

In addition to having an up-to-date website, you can also set up social media accounts for your business. Common platforms for restaurants are Facebook and Twitter, where you can regularly post updates to your menu, daily specials, upcoming events, and any other news you want to alert your customers about. Having up to date social media accounts is useful to you a marketing tool and to your customers as a way to stay informed about a restaurant they love. It’s vital, however, that you only start up profiles on social media platforms that you can keep up with on a regular basis. Outdated profiles that haven’t been touched in months are off putting to potential customers.


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