Tips for Writing a Lifestyle Blog

Blogging is a great hobby, because if you’re lucky, you can make some serious bank, and even if you’re not, you still get to sharpen your writing and photography skills, learn to manage a website, and maybe even get to take a couple of personal journeys along the way. Lifestyle blogging has a captured a huge audience, and can be a catch all for a huge number of potential topics ranging from food, health and wellness, to parenting and interior decorating. That’s a lot of stuff, but you don’t have to write about all of it, and there’s a couple things you can do to get your blog on track, even if you’ve only just gotten started.


"Read some popular lifestyle blog"

“Read some popular lifestyle blog”

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, chances are that you’ve either seen one before, or you’re already following a group of active bloggers. Use your favorites as your muses and models. What kind of image do your favorite blogs present, and what sort of visuals and writing tone do they use to create that image? What do you like, and dislike about their content, or their website layout? What attracted you to their blog, and most importantly, why did you stay and become a fan? These are good ways to find out what you really want from your blogging experience, and what you want to get out of it.

Bookend Your Strategy

"Work on a strategy to reach your goals"

“Work on a strategy to reach your goals”

What do you want your blog to be about, and what do you want it to achieve? If you’re running the blog for yourself, your content may very well not matter much at all, but act as a kind of daily journal, but if you’re using your blog as a cultural mouthpiece or a way to build your portfolio, you’ll want to utilize your blog host’s features, organize your content, and promote your blog in a way that’s completely different from maintaining a personal blog. But if you have a starting and end point, you’ll have time to work on the strategy you use to reach your goals, and have a better direction for your blog content.

Take Your Time

"Come out with best blogging ideas"

“Come out with best blogging ideas”

Don’t expect zero to hero in just a couple months. In fact, maybe just scrap the hero part entirely-only a handful of bloggers ever achieve true Internet fame and notoriety, and plenty of people start blogs as their personal side projects with no intention of becoming well-known authorities on their sectors. But take your time getting started, and putting things together in time for your launch. It’s good to post consistently and regularly, so consider putting together brainstorm lists of topics for days when inspiration just won’t come, or maybe have a number of topics that you place on rotation. Blogging can be unexpectedly tiring, so know how much you can and can’t handle, especially if all of your blog content is curated, written, and gathered on your own.

Network and Promote

If you’re intent on making your blog your life, both literally and figuratively, it’s time for you to get out there and market. An active, social media presence alone can do a lot to help you get your foot in the door, and can be a sign to others that as a blogger, you’re active, you’re current, and if you’re looking to hook in partnerships or advertising opportunities, it’s also a great way to let companies know what types of topics, products, and causes you’re interested in supporting. Make it easy to share your posts, and spread links across your social media platforms for better coverage. Contact other bloggers in your area for some advice, or investigate and see if there’s a meetup somewhere. Networking can net you great mentions, connections, and garner exposure for both yourself and your blog.


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