Warning Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Blog’s Success

It can be difficult to become a successful blog writer. Often times it can seem like you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you really want. There are small things you can do or neglect doing that may have a large impact on the success of your site that may not seem like a big deal but can certainly add up. Avoid sabotaging your site by reading the below to make sure your site isn’t tanking because of a simple error on your end.

You Aren’t Asking For Feedback

"Make yourself available for feedback"

“Make yourself available for feedback”

None of us are perfect. Not all the content you write all the time is going to be successful, which is why it’s critical that you make yourself available to feedback in some form or fashion. It can be via a comments section open on your blog with each post you make or even sending the post to a few friends to read over before you launch it on your site. It’s critical that you always make yourself available to feedback, good and bad, since it’s the only real way to grow as a writer.

You Aren’t Connecting With Other Blogs

"Connect with different blogs to keep yourself up to date"

“Connect with different blogs to keep yourself up to date”

With the sheer number of blogs out there, being able to connect with other blogs that already have a following may be one of the best ways to get traffic. By isolating yourself and refusing to connect with other blogs that are related to yours, you’re making a mistake that could be costing your blog its success. Find other blogs that write on your topic and reference them in your posts, or leave comments and feedback. Become involved in your blog topic’s community since it will both positively impact your viewership and also keep you up to date where your topic’s concerned.

You Go Off Topic

"Keep your blog posts relevant"

“Keep your blog posts relevant”

If you don’t stay focused, your readers are going to get distracted. If your blog’s about cooking and you’re suddenly making personal posts about your relationships, your readers are going to get lost and confused. They’re there to find information on cooking, after all. It’s what you advertise yourself as, it’s the focus of your blog. If all they find in the recent posts section are posts that are irrelevant to your blog’s topic, they’ll wander off and find another blog that will more adequately provide them with the information they were looking for.

You Don’t Take Risks

Safer isn’t always better; sometimes you need to be willing to take some risks. It’s fine to stick to one way of writing and thinking typically, but branch out once in a while. Change things up. If you usually do text based posts, make a video post one day while you’re out and about at an event that’s relevant to your blog topic. Make a photo story out of your posts instead of text altogether, or change the tone of your article to something that sounds like a written novel. Cover parts of your topic that aren’t ordinarily covered by your site. Be creative and take risks!


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