What To Do If Your Web Host Just Isn’t Cutting It

If your site is lagging, you find yourself with periods of down time, your images aren’t loading completely, or you just plain can’t log into your server when you need to, these may be signs that your web server just isn’t cutting it anymore. Whether it’s the fault of your web host for providing inadequate service or due to you operating outside of the confines of what your server can provide you with, it’s a real problem. When you’re new to web hosting it can seem like a confounding one, but there are a few steps you can take to quickly and easily correct the problem. Below you’ll find a few that may be the solution to your problems.

Reduce Your Server Load

The solution to your problem could be as simple as cutting down on the load you’re placing on your server. Go through your media files and delete any that you aren’t using to free up space and bandwidth. After you’ve cleared all those out, download any of the large number of available plug-ins meant to help reduce file sizes on your website without cutting down on quality. Reducing image sizes can be a huge bandwidth saver, and this all by itself could solve your issues with troublesome service.

Switch Hosts

"Move on to another host provider"

“Move on to another host provider”

The most obvious solution to your host not measuring up to your current needs is to cut ties and move on. Switching hosts isn’t as painful as it used to be, especially if you happen to have a WordPress or cPanel hosted site. Most site hosts offer to migrate your existing site over for you free of charge and free of stress, which is a sign of a good quality web host. If they don’t, you may have to do a little legwork on this yourself when it comes to backing up your files and re-uploading them to the server of your choice. Try to pick out a new server that’s compatible with the one you find yourself on currently, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer service department of your new host to find out if there’s anything they can do on your end to lessen the pain.

Upgrade Your Service

"Modernize your package"

“Modernize your package”

If your host has a larger package available, consider upgrading to it. Lots of shared hosting programs will offer up to three package options, all available to you when you first sign up. While you may have been fine in that initial package to start out with, if you’ve outgrown it you may be able to send an email to your hosting provider to ask about how to go about moving up. Typically this is as easy as paying a small fee and having your server flip some switches on their end, meaning you could be almost instantly problem free. This is also why it’s important to make sure you’ve signed on to a server with plenty of options that allow your site to grow as this saves you the potential headache of having to move your site to another server later in.


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