Why You Should Be Wary of Reseller Hosting

"Beware! It's a scam"

“Beware! It’s a scam”

Dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting. When you’re first getting into hosting your own website, the sheer number of options can seem overwhelming. So many names get thrown around that it can be hard to tell which service is best for the sort of site you want to host. And while a lot of that decision will be based on what kind of site you are looking to run, there is one thing you can be sure of no matter what kind of blog or site you’re looking to launch: you should avoid reseller hosting at all costs.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosts are exactly what they sound like they would be – hosts that resell space that they’ve purchased on another server specifically for the purpose of hosting other websites. You can think of it like someone subletting a room in a house they’re renting from someone else who actually owns it. It’s a potentially complicated hosting situation in which the company you’re purchasing services from is more of a middleman than an actual host server.

What Are Some Complications?

"Unreliable uptime and poor page loading"

“Unreliable uptime and poor page loading”

Back to the analogy of the sublet room, imagine being sold that space without being told that there are actually four other rooms and eight other roommates and you get a better idea as to the kind of complications that can arise from reseller hosting. Typically a server that allows it to be sold to resellers doesn’t just have one reseller. They have many. And you’ll have no way of knowing how many are actually on there, let alone how many customers each of those additional resellers have. What this means for you as their potential customer is that you are likely to experience issues with speed and reliable up time. The person selling you this service can’t guarantee either, since they can’t possibly know themselves, and moreover if you have issues, they can’t help you. They don’t own the server, they don’t have access to it, so they can’t do anything to fix potential errors. All they can do is call the tech support line of the people who actually do.

Pay For Quality, Or Not At All

"They don't offer accessible customer service"

“They don’t offer accessible customer service”

There’s just no reason to spend money on reseller hosting with the amount of competition out there for decent web service. Shared hosting is a better option than reseller hosting as at least you’ll know you have direct contact with the company who handles the server and your odds at a reliable connection and decent speeds are definitely higher. For the quality of service you’re risking when you sign up with a reseller you might as well get a free site since the only real differences will be your ability to customize your page or potentially ads being placed on your site. Perhaps most importantly at all, if you’re paying for a web hosting, make sure you’re paying for a company that can offer you real, accessible customer service. And remember that reseller hosts simply can’t offer you that, no matter what they promise.


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