You Should Have Multiple Emails for Your Business

It is not uncommon, even for small businesses with a single employee, to have more than one email address. While it’s easy to understand why a large corporation may have use for multiple emails, it can be a little trickier to understand why a stand-alone owner would opt for the same choice. The reality is that trying to pile all of your business related emails into one inbox as your business and website grow can get very messy, very quickly. To keep things neat, streamlined, and looking professional, you can create multiple email accounts under your domain name. Many hosting providers will let you do this for free. Here are a few reasons to consider the option.

Professional Appearance

"It will make your company look bigger"

“It will make your company look bigger”

Sure, you could reply to all of your business emails from the address “” but that makes it loud and clear that you’re running a one man show. By creating different emails for different situations, you give the illusion that your company is bigger and more professional than it really is. You can use something like “” for customer service responses, and your personal address when a client wants to work with your directly. You can even use a separate account to send out your newsletter and receive responses.


"More than one email account keeps the things organized"

“More than one email account keeps the things organized”

Having more than one email address for your business helps to keep things organized. Depending on how many social media sites and organizations your business is registered with, keeping up with all the update emails, sales emails, and spam emails that come from your address begin sold to a third party can quickly become unbearable. It’s awful sorting through an inbox full of junk to dig up useful or time sensitive information. Create a side email account to use when registering your business on different websites, and a separate account for your clients to contact you at.

A Place to Direct Spam

Often times, spam is unavoidable. At some point, some website will sell your email to another party or pass of your info to subsets of their own company and you inbox will be overflowing with email that belongs in the trash. To avoid this, create an account specifically for spam. While you’re at it, you can even use to direct spam away from your personal email accounts that you keep for private use.

Employee Email Addresses

It’s good to be aware of your web host’s policy on multiple emails in the vent you are able to hire on another employee. If you’ve hired an assistant and they will be handling calls, customers, contractors, or other business affiliates, you’ll want to get them their own official email address. This way it will be very clear to customers and service providers exactly who they’re talking to and will avoid confusion in the future. Certain providers will charge for too many emails in use at any given time, but many ill grant you access to unlimited email (or a heft number, like twenty) for free when you sign up for one of their plans.


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