You Should Have Multiple Emails for Your Business

It is not uncommon, even for small businesses with a single employee, to have more than one email address. While it’s easy to understand why a large corporation may have use for multiple emails, it can be a little trickier to understand why a stand-alone owner would opt for the same choice. The reality is that trying to pile all of your business related emails into one inbox as your business and website grow can get very messy, very quickly. To keep things neat, streamlined, and looking professional, you can create multiple email accounts under your domain name. Many hosting providers will let you do this for free. Here are a few reasons to consider the option. Professional Appearance Sure, you could reply to all of your business emails from the address “” but that makes it loud and clear that you’re running a one man show. By creating different emails for different situations, you give the illusion that your company is bigger and more professional than it really is. You can use something like “” for customer service responses, and your personal address when a client wants to work with your directly. You can even use a separate account to send out your newsletter and receive responses. Organization Having…

Why You Should Be Wary of Reseller Hosting

Dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting. When you’re first getting into hosting your own website, the sheer number of options can seem overwhelming. So many names get thrown around that it can be hard to tell which service is best for the sort of site you want to host. And while a lot of that decision will be based on what kind of site you are looking to run, there is one thing you can be sure of no matter what kind of blog or site you’re looking to launch: you should avoid reseller hosting at all costs. What Is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosts are exactly what they sound like they would be – hosts that resell space that they’ve purchased on another server specifically for the purpose of hosting other websites. You can think of it like someone subletting a room in a house they’re renting from someone else who actually owns it. It’s a potentially complicated hosting situation in which the company you’re purchasing services from is more of a middleman than an actual host server. What Are Some Complications? Back to the analogy of the sublet room, imagine being sold that space without being told that there are actually four other rooms and eight other roommates…

Why What Your Customers Think of Your Site is Important

As someone running a website, you should realize that your customers are a very large part of what gives your site any sort of success. In fact, without your customers, you would not even be able to keep your site up and running for any large amount of time. In that line, customer feedback is a very important part of keeping your site up to date and enjoyable for the people who allow you to keep it running. But why exactly is it so important to pay attention to what your customers and other visitors are saying about your website? That is a great question. There are plenty of reasons for why you should always take customer comments to heart, but here are a few of the most important ones. Good Business Protocol First of all, it is just good business to listen to what your customers are saying, no matter if you are working online or in some retail store, it is always a good idea to pay attention to your customers. This is not just because the customer is always right and you need to make sure that you are adhering to that motto, but because it only puts you in a bad light if you refuse to…

What Widgets Are a Must Have For Your Website

There are plenty of different things that you can use to make your website unique and to make it much easier for your viewers to access the things that they need to and get where they need to go. One of those really great things that you can add to your site is widgets. Widgets are just a little something that you can install onto your site in order to make it more accessible and to give you plenty of options for things that your visitors can access. There are hundreds of widgets that exist and dozens of each kind of widget listed here, but these are the sorts of widgets that you should be looking into getting and putting on your site somewhere, just to make it spiffier and easier for your customers to use. Social Media Sharing One of the most common widgets and probably one of the best ones to have on your site are the ones that allow your visitors to share parts of your site with various forms of social media. You can set it up so that your site can only be shared with certain social platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, or you can allow it to be viewed by practically anyone. Either way,…

What To Do If Your Web Host Just Isn’t Cutting It

If your site is lagging, you find yourself with periods of down time, your images aren’t loading completely, or you just plain can’t log into your server when you need to, these may be signs that your web server just isn’t cutting it anymore. Whether it’s the fault of your web host for providing inadequate service or due to you operating outside of the confines of what your server can provide you with, it’s a real problem. When you’re new to web hosting it can seem like a confounding one, but there are a few steps you can take to quickly and easily correct the problem. Below you’ll find a few that may be the solution to your problems. Reduce Your Server Load The solution to your problem could be as simple as cutting down on the load you’re placing on your server. Go through your media files and delete any that you aren’t using to free up space and bandwidth. After you’ve cleared all those out, download any of the large number of available plug-ins meant to help reduce file sizes on your website without cutting down on quality. Reducing image sizes can be a huge bandwidth saver, and this all by itself could solve your issues with troublesome…

What Exactly Is cPanel and How Can It Help You?

When you’re trying to run a site from the ground up for the first time there are a lot of really different things that you need to consider. First of all, there’s always the chance that you’re going to be running into something that you don’t know how to handle. You need to be cautious what you use. Fortunately, there’s a very simple dashboard that can help you customize your site to get the most out of it: cPanel. cPanel Is Your Website Dashboard When you look at cPanel you see a directory for everything that you can do with your site. It will show you how to upload images and build web pages right there in the program. You can also upload themes for it to use so that you don’t even have to that. You can control everything here, from passwords to images to the plugins and programs that your site using to function, like an online shopping cart program or WordPress. Whatever you want, you can find it here. Allows You to Work with Code Without Knowing It Basically, cPanel means that you don’t have to learn how to code to be able to code. cPanel knows the HTML that will allow you to upload an image…

Ways To Make Sure You Sound Smart On Your Blog

Some people don’t go to blogs to see people talking eloquently and with correct diction and grammar. That’s perfectly fine and reasonable considering some subjects, especially personal ones, aren’t meant to be so scholarly and precise. If you are in fact talking about a topic that requires information and facts, however, you should try to sound as intelligent and knowledgeable as possible. If you aren’t used to this and aren’t good at playing the part of a scholar then you should learn to fake it until you make it as much as possible. Don’t Be Formal But Don’t Be That Casual There’s a thick line between talking to your superiors and professors and talking to your friends and family. The first thing you should do is find the middle of that line and walk straight down it. The goal is to seem informational without being haughty and above everyone. Talking too casually can shoot down your credibility. Talking like a scientist can make you seem dull and drab. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal or funny at times, though. It’s important to still seem like a person. Just remember that the information comes before the comedy routine. Use Correct Grammar And Punctuation Being in tune with your sixth…

Warning Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Blog’s Success

It can be difficult to become a successful blog writer. Often times it can seem like you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you really want. There are small things you can do or neglect doing that may have a large impact on the success of your site that may not seem like a big deal but can certainly add up. Avoid sabotaging your site by reading the below to make sure your site isn’t tanking because of a simple error on your end. You Aren’t Asking For Feedback None of us are perfect. Not all the content you write all the time is going to be successful, which is why it’s critical that you make yourself available to feedback in some form or fashion. It can be via a comments section open on your blog with each post you make or even sending the post to a few friends to read over before you launch it on your site. It’s critical that you always make yourself available to feedback, good and bad, since it’s the only real way to grow as a writer. You Aren’t Connecting With Other Blogs With the sheer number of blogs out there, being able to connect with other blogs that already have…

Top Three Signs That a Hosting Provider is a Dud

It’s not always easy to tell which online companies are legit and which ones aren’t. Unless you’re willing to do some serious research, there’s always the chance that you might end up dealing with a company that’s less than reliable. This is particularly true when it comes to web hosting providers. Hosting might seem like a pretty straightforward area of business, but the truth is that there’s a lot of factors attached to it that can either make your experience an easy one or make it unnecessarily difficult. Because of this, you’re going to want to register with a provider that’s got a sound track record and is entirely reliable. Because it’s hard to tell right off the bat whether a provider is a good or bad, however, you need to be on the lookout for the signs that you’re dealing with a crappy hosting company. Unreliable Uptime One of the biggest indicators that you’re dealing with a dud provider is that your website uptime is unreliable. You want a provider that’s going to ensure that your site is almost always up and running, bar unforeseen complications. If your website is going down on a daily basis or several times a day, it’s a sign that your provider is less…

Top FTP Clients to Use with Your Control Panel

Among some of the most commonly used protocols on the Internet is the file transfer protocol, FTP, which is basically exactly what it says-it transfers computer files from host to host. To facilitate the file transfer you need to use an FTP client, and given that these clients are often faster than the native file managers embedded in web hosting management software like cPanel, it makes sense that FTP account integration and accessibility would be one of the many features offered in many web content management systems. While there are plenty of options, not all FTP clients are created equal. Here’s a list of our favorites. FileZilla FileZilla is arguably the most widespread FTP client with a reputation of being the unofficial industry standard. It’s not undeserved praise either, since FileZilla is free and open-source, well-documented, and works on all three operating systems, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. While the UI is nothing to write home about in terms of looks or design, the simplicity of it makes it easy to use for beginners. Windows users can use FileZilla to build their own FTP servers, and there’s a portable version available to put on your USB when you’re on the go. There’s also bookmarking, drag and drop, proxy support and pause-resume…


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