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You'll find an array of features to support your site here, and great customer service on call to help you use it. With a great price to top it off, this hosting site is a winner.

There’s nothing about that’s particularly cookie cutter, which is a great start that you absolutely need to be able to appreciate. You can really get a sense of uniqueness here.

It stands out.

This is a site that’s ideal for starting up a business for the first time, because the prices are beyond reasonable, and it’s extremely easy to get a great plan right from the start.

image CTA BlueHost

The potential for upgrades is huge, which is another plus about this host that shouldn’t be ignored. Basically, you’re going to end up in a good place if you start with this host.

Company Intel and Background

Finding more BlueHost information is definitely not a struggle, as they have an ‘about’ page right there on the front of their site, announcing everything there is to know.

You won’t be in the dark.

overlay image BlueHost

You’ll find out very easily that this is a company that’s been around since 2003, and it’s been focusing very strongly on affordable solutions for web hosting since that time.

You’ll also be pleased to see that this is a web host built entirely off of open source technology, which means that they’ve got some great minds behind their host.

The Packages on Offer

The packages here aren’t just affordable–they’re very easy to get the hang of, as they fully outline their features. You really don’t even need any kind of a BlueHost guide for that.

That’s awesome.

Each of their plans allows you to choose if you want cPanel hosting with Windows or Linux, and you can also enjoy a full array of one-click scripts with both.

You’ll also enjoy full database access, which means that for any scripts that you want to install yourself, you aren’t going to be limited by your host needing to be contacted.

Does It Have the Edge You Need?

The main niche of this particular host is obviously going to be focused around you, and that’s because they are absolutely all about open source technology and funding.

They want you to have a boost.

This is a web host that’s very into its individual customers and the absolute individual attention that they need. This extends from their love of open sourced anything.

Because of this, their customer service is very fast and definitely top notch, giving you a ton of opportunities to ask questions and learn a lot of DIY on top of that. It’s worth it.

Pricing Plans

The pricing here is ideal, which should make it a very strong draw if you’re running on a very limited budget. You’ll quickly find how beneficial all of their plans are.

You’ll get a great deal.

Their most basic plan here is only going to end up running you a total of $4.95 monthly, which is obviously going to fit into just about anyone’s budget, and really stand out.

With this, you aren’t going to have a yearly discount, but you don’t need it at that price point. It’s also incredibly easy to upgrade here and end up giving you even better deals.

Security Results

Security isn’t an issue here, and that’s because they’ve made it very clear what their plans and projections into keeping you safe are made out of, all over their site.

They want you safe.

Notably, this is a web host that also talks quite a bit about handling customers, so if you’ve got any sort of a storefront, you’ll be pleased to find that they do offer SSL certificates.

They want you and your customers both safe and sound, which should put you at ease. If you’re looking for a great host to start up an online business, this is the place.

Speed Results

Our BlueHost review wouldn’t be complete without a proper speed test, which is why we were very happy to be able to hand out a solid 8 out of 10 rating on speed.

It was quite fast.

This site ended up only taking a total of 1.32 seconds to load up entirely after we completed a standardized speed test, which was well above average and quite speedy.

The uptime here was also very good, as the final percentage that we found was at 99.985%. This means that you’re rarely, if ever, going to end up seeing downtime.

Does It Come Through on Customer Support?

This site’s customer service was at the top of the pack, as the final score that we were able to give them was a 9 out of 10. This is all down to their incredible knowledge.

They know their stuff.

If you want a place to learn and grow as a web developer, this is the host for you. They’re not only prompt in responding to their tickets, but they’re out to really help you learn.

They want to explain to you how a certain thing works if you have questions about it, so make sure that you’re prepared to pick their brains. They’re ready for you.

Site Resources

Don’t miss out on contacting them if you need absolutely anything:

It’s very easy to find out more updates on their Twitter online:

Don’t forget to check out their wiki if you want even more info about them:

It’s a Fact: Will Deliver on Cpanel Hosting is a very solid web host that is definitely all about you as a customer. You can really find a great place to make a home here, so don’t skip out on them.

Give them a go.

This is a web host that can really turn out to be a developer’s paradise, and that means that if you’re looking to expand your horizons and learn even more, give this one a shot.

It’s not the only host that can really knock it out of the park for you, however. Check out our number one web host,, and you’ll see similar results.

Our number one host is at the top for a reason. If you want incredible, reliable cPanel hosting at a great price, then you need to go for our top sites without a doubt.

Have at it!


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