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Overseas hosting might work on some sites, but certainly not this one. Service is painfully slow, and the sky-high prices are simply not worth this kind of result.

Overseas hosting might be a good plan for some businesses, but is a case of that not being the case in the slightest. This is a very poorly organized site.

It’s also very slow.

The plans are everywhere on this site, which means that it’s kind of hard to determine what exactly is what, and how much you’ll be paying even for something basic.

cPanel Hosting cta

The other red flag that you’ll immediately find yourself running into is the fact that you’re going to be experiencing some very slow loading times. That’s just not a good thing.

Bad Background

With this site, it’s extremely difficult to find out more about it. Canaca company information is pretty much in low supply, which means that you’re going to go in blindfolded.

That’s not enjoyable.

When you’re starting out a business, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is spend a whole lot of time not knowing who exactly you’re partnering with online.

That’s what you’ll essentially be doing if you host your business here. Obviously, a simple ‘about’ page could fix this, but they haven’t deemed that necessary in the slightest.

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Some Features

The ideal of finding a ton of features in one place is going to end up being lost with this particular host, which is a crying shame in a number of ways. It’s just not good.

There’s not much.

You’d think that you’d get some interesting security or cPanel options with an overseas host like this one, but that’s not going to end up being the case in the slightest.

Instead, you’re going to just get the basics, and barely that. You also won’t get a site builder, or any sort of one-click scripts that are usually standard with most cPanel installations.

Any Market Edge?

The only stand-out feature of this particular host is the fact that it’s an overseas host. All of the appeal of this is lost, however, when you realize how honestly laggy it is.

That sucks.

Because this host just can’t even take the time to keep itself properly maintained and updated, the appeal of a safe, secure overseas host is immediately going to be lost.

A laggy host isn’t the kind of host that you’re ever going to be drawn to. That’s where all the appeal is absolutely destroyed, and that’s why it’s just plain not worth it.

Plan Pricing We Don’t Want

Finding more about this particular host led to realizing that the plans here are just not very well priced. Sadly, our Canaca guide can’t even begin to recommend this for a tight budget.

It’s not good.

Even for the most basic plans on this particular hosting site, you’re going to end up paying a total of $20.00 monthly. This is extremely expensive, and you’re getting next to nothing.

With that in mind, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to ever upgrade here. The basic plan is only going to allot you a total of 512GB of disk space, which you’ll quickly burn through.

Security Nopes

As far as security goes, you can basically expect there to be next to nothing. They really don’t discuss anything here, which makes it a very difficult thing to resolve.

You’re not safe.

When a web host chooses not to ever even talk about security, that’s a serious problem. That’s the case here, and that’s why it makes it a very difficult sell for most people.

This site doesn’t even have SSL certificates, so if you’re looking to start up an online storefront, you’re immediately going to need to go elsewhere and shop around.

Speed Failing

Our Canaca review was already in the gutter, and it just kept getting worse after we completed a speed test here. Our final rating for this particular host was only a 5 out of 10.

It was not fast.

After performing a standardized speed test here, we found that this particular host took a total of 3.12 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously quite slow.

The uptime was another problem, and that final percentage was only at 98.845%. This means that this particular site will end up having downtime over 1% of the time.

User Support is Terrible

Our customer service score here was also a 5 out of 10, which means that there were a number of serious issues concerning speed as well as actual correct service.

It’s a crapshoot.

You really aren’t going to enjoy a web host that takes over 14-15 hours to actually respond to the tickets that you send out, obviously. Sadly, that’s all that you can expect here.

This, on top of giving out canned responses, makes for a useless customer support team that you’re really going to be thankful to live without once you’re done.

The Worst News

This particular web host has a very horrible forum that you can laugh at:

Contacting this host is mostly just going to end up giving you a headache:

Their knowledge base isn’t in any way going to help you out: For Cpanel Hosting, It Just Can’t Work For You at All

We were really not impressed with, and that’s because this is a web host that just can’t deliver on any of its promises, let alone be anywhere close to fast.

It’s very laggy.

Spending your time on a very laggy, unreliable web host is obviously not the thing that you’re going to want to do. You deserve one hell of a lot more than that for your business.

Instead, make sure to take the time to check out our number one web host online, It’s the best of the best, and it can take your site to the top.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity for you and your business. You need to be with the best of the best.


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