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There's a whole host of loading issues on this site, starting with the fact that sometimes even the page itself will fail to load. Couple that with severe limits on storage and bandwidth, and it's a host to skip.

This is a peculiar web host with a lot of issues, and this all stems from the fact that is an overseas host that really doesn’t have a lot of speed to it.

It’s so slow.

Because this host is so slow, you’re going to really end up seeing how much it ultimately struggles to handle any sort of a client load, especially if you have a larger business site.

cPanel Hosting cta

Sometimes, the site just won’t even load at all, and if you’re experiencing that just on their own landing page, think about how poorly your own site is going to end up functioning.

Bad Background Info

More cPanelIreland information would be ideal, but it’s not exactly something that’s going to end up happening here. This is a web host that doesn’t think beyond the basics.

Even then, they don’t think much.

With this host, you’ll basically be able to appreciate a whole lot of empty customer promises…and absolutely no background information that you’ll find helpful.

This means that you’re going to be going in entirely blind, and you’ll end up signing a contract with the devil, more or less. This will be extremely frustrating later.

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Lacking Resources

With our cPanelIreland guide, we looked long and hard to find out if there was anything worth writing home about here…and sadly, there just isn’t with these sparse features.

It’s so bare bones.

This site is going to end up giving you cPanel, sure, but that’s about where it starts. It also features a whole lot of limited subdomains, databases, and everything else.

If you’re looking for an easy to use site builder, this host doesn’t have one. This is some food for thought that’s going to end up steering you away from this hosting site.

Lacking Appeal

This is a hosting site that really tries to promote the fact that it’s all about overseas hosting, but that just ends up falling flat when you consider how little good that’s doing you.

It’s so dead.

This site is incredibly slow, laggy, and basically, dead. It’s very hard to get anyone to talk to you, and it also just doesn’t seem to have anyone that’s fully educated at all.

This means that all of the allure of extra security and speed that should come with overseas hosting is lost. You’re basically just wasting your time in every single way.

Plan Pricing That Doesn’t Work

The ideal of finding a budget-friendly web host is just not going to happen with this particular site, and that’s because it’s just a slew of poor plans and high prices here.

It sucks.

Even with their most basic plan, this particular hosting site is going to end up costing you a total of $11.99 monthly. This is obviously not that much until you look at what you aren’t getting.

You’re going to start out with only 512MB of disk space here, and only 750MB of bandwidth. You’ll burn through this in no time, and it’s going to be impossible to really grow.

Security No-Nos

Security needs to be a huge focus on any hosting site out there, and with overseas hosting, you should see even more of a draw. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

They don’t talk about it.

If you can’t find additional security because it’s overseas hosting, then you’re literally just completely wasting your time. There’s no point to spending time on this site at all.

Because this site never even talks about it, you have to wonder who even planned out this site in the first place. Did they just not think about it? The mystery is real…

Speed? We Think Not

Our cPanelIreland review wouldn’t be complete without a speed test, which was why it was almost satisfying to give this site a 4 out of 10 rating overall, courtesy of how bad it was.

It was very slow.

After performing that standardized speed test, we found that this site took a total of 4.25 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously well below average in every way.

The uptime was another issue, as the final uptime percentage was only at 98.487%. This means that close to 1.5% of the time, your site is going to be entirely down.

User Support That Doesn’t Work

Our customer service score for this particular site was only a 4 out of 10, which was well deserved after the extremely long periods of silence from support when we tried to contact them.

It’s awful.

Their support teams can take close to 30 hours in order to actually get back to you and respond to any of the tickets that you submit, which is absolutely unacceptable.

The other thing is that many of their responses are just generic drop-down menu responses, which aren’t going to be specific to the questions that you yourself are asking.

Lacking News

Their contact page isn’t going to give you anything helpful:

Forget about their client interface, because it’s really one of the worst:

If you actually want some support, it’s just not going to happen on this site: This is cPanel Hosting That Just Won’t Work Out

We were really not happy about This is a really horrible web host, and it’s not going to even try to get better in the future if it continues at this rate.

It’s so slow.

This is an incredibly unreliable, slow web host with a ton of issues that originate from the fact that the administrators here obviously have no idea how to run their own site.

This means that you’ll be much better off checking out our number one web host online, You can have a great time setting up your business there instead.

If you want top cPanel hosting, then you need to go for the best from the very beginning.

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