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The basic and limited cPanel is simply not worth these kinds of prices, especially with terrible loading speeds and customer support backing it up. Skip this site. is one host that might have kind of a pretty backdrop to it, but that doesn’t make it at all valid or even that easy for you to actually find your way around here.

It’s not good.

With this particular host, you’re going to have a hard time finding anything out about the plans. It’s overseas hosting, and that also means that you’ll see a lot of uncontrolled lag.

cPanel Hosting cta

This basically makes for a really big problem for anyone that’s literally looking to have a solid, reliable host from the start–which is everyone. Newbies will find this frustrating.

Bad Background Info

When it comes to finding more information about guebs, you’re going to be essentially up a creek without a paddle. There’s just not much of anything offered here.

It’s strange.

With this particular host, you’re not even going to end up seeing a single ‘about us’ page on the front of the site. There’s not even a date that tells you how long it’s been up and running.

This means that essentially, you’re going to have to go in without any sort of information about a potential business partner, which is really just not the way to go.

guebs overlay screen

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Some Features

With our guebs guide, we found ourselves really struggling. That’s because the idea that there are any useful features with this particular host is just a laughing stock.

There’s barely anything.

Yes, you’ll have incredibly basic cPanel installation, but that’s honestly about it. You aren’t going to get any real MySQL access that can help you set up a ton of scripts.

You’re also at the mercy of this site’s customer service if you want to have any sort of control over subdomains, which is so 1990s that we almost want to throw up.

The Market

This site doesn’t seem to have any sort of a market niche other than being located overseas, which they obviously don’t even try to profit off of in the first place.

That’s not good.

When a web host doesn’t even try to push their own values, that’s something that’s not going to ever help it get any better, or help it get to the top any faster online.

That makes this site just another generic hosting site, and obviously, not something that you’re ever going to want to end up spending your cash money on.

Plan Prices

Finding something budget friendly in the world of cPanel web hosting is ideal, but that’s just not going to end up being the case with this one. It’s not even close to affordable.

You’ll get nothing.

Even the most basic plan with this particular web host is going to end up costing you a total of $19.95 monthly. That’s already cringe-worthy, and you still get bare bones.

This site is only going to end up offering you a total of 3GB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth monthly, which is something that you’ll end up eating through in no time.

Crappy Security

Every single web host out there is going to end up really needing to focus on security, but overseas web hosts are supposed to be known for that. That’s just not happening here.

They don’t talk about it.

When a web host doesn’t even try to talk about what it’s going to end up giving you regarding security, that’s a huge red flag that you just need to hightail it and run.

That’s the case here, and that combined with all of the other issues that you’ll be seeing means that this is not going to end up being a web host that you can really trust.

Sad Speed

With our guebs review, it was obviously very necessary to complete a speed test as well, and that’s when our 2 out of 10 overall rating came about. This site is no good.

It’s incredibly slow.

This site ended up completing a standardized speed test and taking a total of 7.67 seconds to actually load up entirely, which was obviously well below average.

This site also has some uptime issues, and the final uptime percentage that we found was only at 97.485%. This means that you’re really going to see some downtime.

Bad Support

With a customer service score of only a 2 out of 10, we obviously didn’t have a great time dealing with their support staff. This is all courtesy of the horrible response time.

It was really that bad.

When a customer service team takes close to or over a week to actually respond to our inquiries, that’s when you know that it’s really just not going to be worth it at all.

This is the site that does that, and that’s why it’s really just one that’s going to end up haunting your nightmares. There’s no way that you can run a business like that.

Terrible News

With this Twitter, you’re literally just going to be throwing time away:

Their help page isn’t anywhere close to adequate in our opinion:

Forget about trying to use this page for anything at all: For Cpanel Hosting, It’s Just Really Not Going to Work

We were really not impressed with the way that performed during our review, and that makes it a very viable option for you to forget about and move on from.

It’s not good.

This is just not a good example of a cPanel web host, and no matter how overseas it might be, you’re not going to ever end up outweighing the bad of all that lag.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one web host online, It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that it’s a great choice.

For cPanel web hosting that can actually take you to the top, you need to go for a great site.

We’ve found it!


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