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This is a host that's commonly spoken of as ideal for newbies and small businesses, and they get that rep for their comprehensive service and easy-to-afford packages. is a site that’s been around for awhile, and that doesn’t show in the layout, fortunately. Instead, this is a site that firmly focuses on staying up to date.

It’s still friendly, though.

Unlike a lot of sites keeping up with the most up to date trends, it doesn’t come off as unfriendly at all. This is a site that’s ideal for any newbie developers going out there.

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This is because it’s easy to navigate, but it’s also full of every single one of its plans being explained to the fullest. This makes it stand out in a number of positive ways.

More on the Company

HostGator information isn’t hard to come by, which should be a relief. You need to be able to find everything that you want regarding info about the web host you choose.

It’s all right there.

This is a web host that has been around since 2002, and has been winning awards ever since its conception. This means that you can really take pride in using them.

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They value customer service very strongly, and have won the Editor’s Choice award many times over in different web columns. That makes it a host to definitely watch.

The Features Overall

It’s always a good thing to find more about a web host and its packages, and with this host, you can quickly find that they’re going to explain everything down to the nitty gritty.

It’s easy.

The HostGator guide, so to speak, explains very clearly what you get with every single kind of plan they have on offer, and what kind of site (or what size) they would work best with.

This adds an element of assistance that many other web hosts aren’t going to give you. They also have a fully fleshed out cPanel access and site builder with every plan.

A Good Edge

An edge is incredibly important with every single web host, obviously, and that means that you’re going to be looking for that with HostGator right away. Fortunately, it’s there.

It’s in the marketing.

As we previously stated, this is a web host that helps every single individual with their focus on customer service, and they do this through helping you find the perfect plan.

Each of their plans goes into the details of how it will work best for you, which is an added bonus that many other hosting sites out there just aren’t going to offer you.

Pricing That’s Nice

The price is definitely right here, and that’s because they endeavor to keep their prices low, affordable, and extremely competitive with still giving you top of the line features.

You’ll get it all.

Their most basic monthly plan is still only going to cost you a total of $7.16, and this does include unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space, which your business will love.

You can also take advantage of their yearly contract discount, which is currently at 22%. This can end up saving you a huge chunk of cash if you’re looking for a great deal.

Security Overall

This host takes security very seriously, and this is exhibited in the fact that they offer a security plan with every single one of their packages called SiteLock. Yes, it’s even named.

It’s all about you.

This is ideal for a small business, especially because it’s extremely focused on you, your customers, and a whole lot of the user interaction that’s going on at your site.

They also offer SSL certificates, which is great if you’re going to end up starting up a storefront. You shouldn’t have to stress out about finding all of this in other places.

Speed? Yes

Our HostGator review was already great, and our speed testing just made it even more positive. Our final speed test score for this host was a 9 out of 10 on our scale.

It was excellent.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host ended up only taking a total of 1.00 seconds to load up entirely, which was incredibly fast.

The uptime was also very good, and the final percentage that we found was at 99.989%. This means that you’re rarely, if ever, going to end up seeing any downtime.

Good Support

Our customer service score here was also a 9 out of 10, which was incredibly good, especially when you got down into exactly how fast this site responds to tickets.

They’re on the ball.

This is a host that takes its support very seriously, and this is obvious in how fast they end up turning around tickets. It usually only takes about 3-4 hours overall, even for complicated tasks.

They also have a full knowledgebase, a forum, and a number that you can call if you need additional support. Basically, you’re going to have every single issue covered.

Site Resources You Want

It’s very easy to get in touch with this host, and you’ll like that:

With this Facebook, you’ll have all the updates you need in one place:

Their wikipedia page can really give you a boost in info:

It’s a Fact: is Excellent for cPanel Hosting Here

We were very impressed by, and you will be, too. This is an excellent web host that can really end up giving you some awesome service for your business.

Give it a shot.

With this web host, you can not only count on their cPanel, but their reliability and their ability to give you the best service around. It’s not the only host for that job, however.

Don’t miss out on, our number one web host overall. It can definitely hit the nail on the head if you’re looking for some really quality cPanel hosting.


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