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The prices are absolutely astronomical for the low-powered, limited features you're getting. And with the services and speeds as they are, why waste your cash?

This website looks like it was basically pulled straight out of a template and from there, left to the dogs. That’s all that you can really end up expecting from

It’s very bland.

When a web host doesn’t even have an inkling of a strong landing page, that’s going to create a very negative first impression that’s going to really make you not want to bother.

cPanel Hosting cta

That’s what is happening here, and that’s why we ultimately suggest that you just turn tail and run from the start. If you’re looking at this site, you’ll not be happy with it.

Background Data Here

The disappointment continues when you start to look for any sort of iisnet-networks information. There’s not much of it anywhere, and that makes it very annoying.

You’ll hate that.

With this particular site, you’re not going to ever end up finding the information that you need to feel secure in actually giving them your money. There’s just nothing.

You’ll find yourself struggling to really rest assured in using this site because of this, and as a business owner, you should definitely know more about your host than this.

overlay iisnet-networks screen

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Site-Building Features You Don’t Need

There are a lot of ideals that you should be looking for in our iisnet-networks guide, but sadly, there aren’t going to be a lot that you end up finding in the way of features.

There’s nothing here.

This is a very bare bones site, and it doesn’t seem to even care. You’re going to need to be satisfied with cPanel and not much else, and not even a single one-click script.

This is because this is a web host that’s extremely dated, and that means that it’s just going to end up being a very difficult site for them to ever update unless they greatly overhaul.

Skip This Niche

Generic is going to end up being the name of the game with this particular web host, and that’s not something that anyone’s going to want to hear when they’re shopping.

Nothing stands out.

Because this host doesn’t even try to stand out in the market, you’re basically going to end up being left with a host that you can’t tell apart from any other one out there.

That’s not going to give you anything close to the kind of results that your business needs, as you really need to find a host with at least some kind of a marketing niche.

Plan Pricing in General

Planning your next web hosting venture on a budget is obviously the way to go, but with this web host, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for you to even come close.

It’s no good.

This site is incredibly overpriced, as demonstrated by even their most basic plan costing a total of $25.00 monthly–something that’s not going to be close to affordable.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that you’re only going to end up getting 1GB of disk storage for that price, as well as only 1GB of bandwidth. That’s just ridiculous.

Security Info

With security, you should really expect to hear quite a bit about it online. This site doesn’t even come close to talking about it, which is something that causes a lot of red flags to be raised.

That’s not a good sign.

It’s important that a web host at least talks about the basics, but this host doesn’t even try. They just talk instead about everything that makes them a really great site.

They don’t talk about the basics or about script vulnerability, let alone the potential to purchase SSL certificates for your storefront. You’re not in a good place here.

Speed Information

With our iisnet-networks review, it wasn’t a surprise that our speed test would be absolutely deplorable. In fact, a 1 out of 10 score was basically what we were expecting.

It was just horrible.

After completing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular host ended up taking a total of 9.58 seconds to load up entirely, which was really shocking.

The uptime was another issue entirely, as the final percentage was a very deplorable 97.006%. This means that close to 3% of the time, your site will be down.

A Bit of Support

With a customer service score of only 1 out of 10, this site obviously has some serious issues. Most of those problems come right back to how horrible their times are.

They rarely respond.

We’ve had some tickets take a week, while others will take about two weeks…and even then, it’s going to be a crapshoot if they actually end up replying.

This is the sort of thing that can drive anyone mad, and it’s definitely going to end up being stressful for everyone involved. If you want your business to flourish, skip this mess.

Current Overall News

Their company’s guarantees aren’t anywhere close to adequate:

Contacting this host is more of a joke than anything else:

If you want to open a ticket, you’re going to really be out of luck: For Cpanel Hosting, It’s Not Going to be Good Enough is not a good web hosting site, and we’ve proven that through our very extensive review. That’s why it’s a host that you just need to forget about.

Skip it.

Rather than focus on a web host like this one, you should be going for a much more reliable option that’s actually full of features that can really end up helping you.

Check out, our number one web host in general. It’s the best for cPanel hosting options online, and you’ll definitely see how your business can improve.

It’s definitely the best!


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