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Your cPanel options are extremely limited here, and, thanks to the language barrier, so are your interactions with customer support. It's just not worth the stress.

It’s important to realize that overseas hosting is really not for everyone, and is absolutely for no one. This is a web host that’s not going to be a good deal.

It’s so slow.

A laggy, slow landing page on a web host is really not a good way to end up starting up anything. Sadly, that’s exactly what you’re going to be experiencing here.

cPanel Hosting cta

The moment that a web host’s own pages are slow is the moment you should realize that you’re going to be in too deep trying to make your own work. Chances are, they won’t.

Terrible Info

There might be more background information hidden on this site, but Google translate only offers so much, and with NordicHosting information, that can be spotty.

That’s not good enough.

You’re essentially going to be going in sort of cross-eyed and with an eye patch with this site. You aren’t going to find much on their about us page except for empty promises.

With customer service, they claim to be top notch…but considering they never want to discuss their hosting site’s background, that’s probably going to be questionable.

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For the service you really need, try our top cpanel hosting sites. You won’t be disappointed.

No Real Features

The hunt for solid resources should be on with every single hosting site that you use, but this is one host that’s never going to give you anything beyond the basics.

That sucks.

cPanel is the norm here, but you’re only going to have the Windows options to work with, so if you want some higher-level programming, you’re just plain out of luck.

The same goes for any sort of site building aids. There aren’t any one-click scripts here, but there’s limitations on database that make it difficult for you to install them on your own.

A Lack of Edge

There’s nothing about this site that’s really going to end up standing out to you except for the fact that it’s an overseas web host with a whole lot of lag and nothing else.

That’s no fun.

Overseas web hosting can end up working for some businesses, but that’s not going to be the case here. There’s just too much going on in the lag department overall.

That’s the sort of thing that’s going to end up dragging your business down faster than anything, and it’s why it’s time for you to start looking elsewhere the second you see it happen.

Plan Pricing That Sucks

With our NordicHosting guide, it was no surprise to find that this is some pretty overpriced hosting that you’re going to find here. It’s just sad to think some people are paying this.

It’s no good.

Even for their most basic monthly plan on this particular hosting site, you’ll end up being set back a total of $14.99 monthly, which is really too much considering what you get.

You’re immediately going to be limited here in the way of disk space, as you’re only allotted 1GB. This is not going to be enough if you’re any sort of a sizable business.

Security is No Good

Security is absolutely not a topic that’s discussed on this site, which is really unusual, considering most overseas hosting sites are supposed to be all about that.

That’s a red flag.

When even an overseas hosting site doesn’t want to talk about security in their hosting plans, that’s something that you’re going to definitely need to look out for overall.

That makes this site a big danger to you and any potential customers that you might have, and it definitely makes it the kind of site that you should just stay away from.

Speed? Nope

Our NordicHosting review wouldn’t be complete without a proper speed test review, which was why we weren’t at all surprised when we ended up rating this a 5 out of 10.

It was no good.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular site ended up taking a total of 3.76 seconds to load up entirely, which was incredibly slow.

This site also has uptime issues, and that was shown through the final percentage of only 98.801% uptime. Obviously, this is an issue that needs to be resolved.

User Support is Failing

Customer service wasn’t a top priority here, and that’s what led to a final score of only 4 out of 10 on our rating scale. This has a lot to do with a lot of bad turnaround time.

It’s not good enough.

It wasn’t just slow turnaround times–we’re talking close to 20 hours here–that really irritated us, however. Most of the responses were just canned, generic responses.

This means that in general, you aren’t getting any sort of real customer service out of this particular hosting site. You’re basically going to be throwing away money.

The No Good News

This site sadly isn’t going to give you a lot of information on this host:

Forget about their Facebook, because there’s no way it can help you:

Their LinkedIn is another one that is just not good to help you: For Cpanel Hosting, It’s Just Not Cutting It At All

With this particular web host, you aren’t going to end up having a good time. is just a waste, and it’s too laggy and unreliable to do the job right.

This one’s no good.

If you’re looking for an unreliable web host, then you’ve found the right place. It’s just not good enough, and customer service is just going to end up being spotty at best.

Skip this one, and go for our number one option in the world of cPanel hosting overall, It’s the best of the best, and it can really give you a great start.

If you want your business to hit the ground running, then you should really start with the best!


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