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"Slow" describes this host exactly. Slow loading speeds, slow customer support, slow everything. The service is just painful, and will hurt your site more than it helps.

Unsurprisingly, starts off extremely generic and continues to be so. No matter if it’s all about overseas hosting, it’s just plain not good enough.

It’s difficult to use.

This is another web host that’s built off of a very poorly done template, and it really looks like it was thrown together in about five minutes. That’s not exactly appealing.

cPanel Hosting cta

Considering this web host should definitely have much more to it than a lot of basic plans, you’d think that they could at least update them…but no. It’s all very generic.

Background Info You Need

With this particular web host, you’re not going to see a single ‘about us’ or ‘company’ page anywhere. There’s not much information to go around, and they don’t care.

You’ll know nothing.

Because this is a very basic web host, the art of finding any sort of OnePoundWebHosting information is going to be lost. You’ll just be stuck with plans and nothing else.

They also like to talk about their great customer service on the front page, but that’s it. You certainly aren’t going to know anything else about this particular host overall.

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Site-Building in General

With our OnePoundWebHosting guide, we really did scour this site in search of anything positive, but it just didn’t happen. There’s nothing appealing about this particular host.

It’s very bare.

This site seems to get pretty excited about their cPanel offerings, which are literally just the basic install with a few one-click scripts. That’s not enough for you.

You also aren’t going to have MySQL database access, which means that if you have any scripts that you need to install yourself, you’ll need to contact their horrible support.

Horrible Market Sense

With this host, there’s nothing about it that stands out. It’s all incredibly generic, and literally the only thing that you can say stands out is the fact that they’re overseas.

It’s not enough.

The thing about this host is that it doesn’t even try to focus on that as something special, so it just ends up being laggy and really hard to deal with as far as pricing.

That’s the sort of thing that you’re ultimately going to want to avoid at every opportunity. With a web host that just can’t even find its niche, your business won’t, either.

Plan Pricing That Sucks

Finding budget-friendly hosting is obviously the direction that everyone wants to go in with web hosting today, but this isn’t going to be the host that makes that happen.

Forget this one.

Even their most basic plan with this particular host is going to end up costing you a total of $12.95 monthly. This is extremely pricey for how little you’re ultimately getting.

With this price, you’re only getting 2GB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth. With any average sized business site, you’ll quickly end up burning through all of that.

Security Overall

Because this is an overseas hosting site, the expectation for much more secure hosting is going to be there…but there’s not even a single page on the site talking about it.

You don’t get the basics, either.

At this point, any conversation about security would be nice, but this particular host doesn’t even try to cover that. Instead, they just leave you with a ton of guesswork.

This means, of course, that a storefront is going to be entirely out of the question, unless you’re willing to completely go elsewhere and pay a ton for SSL certificates.

Speed That Doesn’t Speed

Our OnePoundWebHosting review wouldn’t be complete without a speed test, which was why the final verdict had to come in. Our score for this host was only a 4 out of 10.

It was so slow.

After performing a standardized speed test, we found that this particular site took a total of 4.89 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously extremely slow overall.

The uptime was another issue, and the final score for that was only at 98.301% uptime. This means that for over 1.5% of the time, your site is going to have downtime.

User Support That’s Awful

The real issues showed up with customer service, as the final score with that was only a 3 out of 10. This is all courtesy of how long it honestly took for them to answer.

It was horrible.

If it takes over 48 hours for them to actually answer a ticket, that’s a sign that they need to get new staff, and basically just fire everyone else that they’ve got out there.

This site has horrible tech service, and if you do get a response, it’s almost guaranteed to be entirely unhelpful. It makes you wonder what the actual point of it is.

Current and Bad News

Their client area is really nothing that you want:

This knowledgebase isn’t going to help you out:

Submitting a ticket here isn’t going to do any good: This cPanel Host is Really Missing the Mark

With, you aren’t ever going to end up making solid progress. There’s no point to wasting your time here, as we’ve proven very clearly.

It’s awful.

This is a very unreliable web host with awful customer service and poor loading times. It’s extremely dated, and it’s not going to end up giving you what your business needs.

Instead, check out our number on web host online, You’ll quickly be able to see how it can end up giving your business the boost that it needs.

If you want superior cPanel hosting, then you need to go for the best from the very start.

Good luck!


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