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Finding any information on specifics of this site's plans is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately, in the end, it's all just underpowered, overpriced, and very generic hosting. has a pretty decent layout to end up backing itself up with, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an overall good site. Instead, you’ll quickly find that it’s hard to use.

It’s confusing.

The main thing that’s going to end up confusing a lot of newbies that are trying to make this site work is the fact that there’s just not a lot of information ever posted here.

cPanel Hosting cta

This means that you’ll be left in the dark about a lot of what you’re getting on your plans, which obviously is going to end up being a problem if you actually want to know what you’re buying.

Basic Data Overall

The more you hunt for ovh information, the less you’re ultimately going to find. This is because this particular web host doesn’t seem to find any value in putting information up.

There’s just nothing.

When you’re using this particular host, it’s going to be difficult for you to ever reconcile your trust. This is because they honestly don’t see any value in actually talking about themselves.

overlay img for ovh

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This means that you aren’t going to know how long they’ve been around, what they’re going to be able to do to really help you, or anything about the company at all.

Skip These Resources

The more time that you spend hunting through this particular host, the less you’re going to find that’s actually an interesting, stand out feature. Even our ovh guide couldn’t find anything.

It’s no good.

With this site, they seem to consider that a basic, Windows installation of cPanel to be the really great thing that you’re coming here for, when you can get that anywhere.

You’ll also be hardpressed to find any one-click scripts here, and certainly no site builder. There are a lot of aspects of this site that make it very difficult to spend money.

Any Edge Here?

With this particular host, you aren’t going to end up going beyond the generic. At a first glance, this site seems to be pushing the cutting edge of technology, but it’s just a front.

There’s nothing here.

Because this host doesn’t even try to get on top of its game, there’s nothing that you’ll be able to do to help your site get to the top of its game, either. It’s very bland.

Generic web hosts aren’t ever going to end up lasting, and that’s definitely the truth here, too. The point of this site is really something that’s hard to get, that’s for sure.

Plan Pricing You Don’t Want

Attempting to make any sort of a solid budget out of this particular hosting site’s plans is a joke. There’s nothing here but a whole lot of con artistry, and that’s a fact.

It’s not affordable.

With this particular host, even their most basic hosting plan is still going to end up costing you a total of $15.95 monthly. This is really on the high side of things already.

From there, you’ll quickly see that you’re just spending way too much on nothing. You only get 512MB of disk space on their basic shared plan, and only 2GB of bandwidth.

Security Fails

Security desperately needs to be a hot topic whenever you’re looking at web hosting, but that’s just never going to end up being the case with this particular host.

It’s awful.

This host doesn’t have a single page talking about the kind of security that you’re looking for. They don’t even seem to have any sort of basic protections in place for you.

This means that you’re going to just have to trust them, and that’s just plain not good enough. You’re not going to be able to ever relax whenever you’re using this site.

Speedy? Nope

With our ovh review, we couldn’t go without a proper speed test. This site really didn’t perform well, and that’s why they ended up with a 3 out of 10 overall score here.

It was that bad.

This site took a total of 6.98 seconds to load up entirely after a standardized speed test, which was obviously well below average, and just plain not good in the slightest.

This site also has some uptime problems, and that was shown very clearly in the slow uptime percentage of only 98.099%. This means that close to 2% of the time, your site will be down.

User Support That Lacks

The customer service here was another huge issue, and the final rating that we were able to give this particular host was only a 2 out of 10 after experiencing how bad it was.

It was dreadful.

The thing about this web host is that they clearly just don’t have enough techs to go around, and this results in their ticket queue piling up and out of control very quickly.

That doesn’t excuse how long it takes for them to reply, however, which is a little over 5 days on average. This means that you’ll never get the support that you need.

The Basic News

This forum is really not going to end up giving you anything close to help:

Their news page is really rarely updated, and therefore useless:

Their client interface is one of the worst that we’ve ever see: For Cpanel Hosting, It’s a Flop

We were really unimpressed when it came to, and that’s because this is an incredibly unreliable, slow web host with an extremely generic interface that doesn’t work.

Forget this host.

Rather than wasting your time with another generic mess of a web host online, you should really be checking out our number one host in cPanel web hosting overall.

It’s the best of the best, and it’s You can absolutely get a great hosting plan there that’s reliable as well as aiming to help the environment with their services.

You’ll find that you’ll actually get to the top faster using them, so give them a shot today.

It’s worth it!


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