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We'll try to refrain from making a comment on that ironic name, but the fact is, this host just can't deliver -- limited features, slow speeds, and even slower service.

Obviously, there are a lot of jokes that can be made about’s name. This site isn’t reliable in any way, shape, or form, and that’s obvious from the start.

It’s very sluggish.

Not only is the front page something out of an early 2000s web hosting site, but it’s also incredibly sluggish, adding to the idea that this host is probably very behind the times.

cPanel Hosting cta

You definitely are going to need to work on finding more of a reliable web host than this one, because if you experience this much lag from just one page, that’s no good.

Background Info

As far as more ReliableHosting information goes, you’re also going to end up really lacking. This site definitely doesn’t take the time to educate any of its customers.

They don’t seem to care.

This seriously lacking information is going to end up making you nervous, because you aren’t going to know anything about who is actually running this hosting site.

You’ll be going in without the knowledge that’s honestly essential to keeping yourself secure in your business, but this site doesn’t seem to care about that at all.

screen ReliableHosting overlay

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No Features

When it comes to any sort of ReliableHosting guide, it’s imperative for you to realize what you aren’t getting into, and that’s an actual, solid hosting site with good features.

It’s too basic.

The thing about this particular web host is that you’re going to be basically stuck with a Windows installation of cPanel and not much else. That’s not going to be enough.

You aren’t going to get any additional features with that, like a site builder or any one-click scripts. You’ll also need to get used to some very minimal database access.

The Market Niche

There’s literally nothing about this particular site that’s actually going to end up standing out in a competitive market, and that’s because it’s as generic as can really be.

It’s awful.

The moment that you take a look at a hosting site and literally can’t find anything that distinguishes it from any other hosting site is the moment that you need to leave.

That’s the case here, and that’s why it’s just never going to be able to give you the kind of service that you want. It can’t even begin to stand out of a crowd online.

Plan Pricing, Horrible

Budgets are a very good thing, and finding a web host online that’s actually going to end up adhering to that is really the way to go. This site isn’t going to come close.

It’s no good.

With this particular web host, you’re going to end up still paying a total of $15.99 a month just for their most basic plan, which is really not going to be enough for you.

This plan is only going to end up offering a total of 512MB of disk space and 1GB of bandwidth, which are both things that you’ll quickly end up blazing through online.

Security Overall

Security is really going to need to be something that you and your business focus on, and when that isn’t going to happen, it’s going to end up being something like this site.

It’s just empty.

Because this site doesn’t even talk about security at all, you can only assume that it’s empty of it entirely. They don’t even discuss the basics that you can have here.

They obviously also aren’t going to end up offering you any SSL certificates to help you build your storefront online with, so good luck shopping around for that, too.

Speed You’ll Skip

Our ReliableHosting review was already something of a joke, but it just got worse when it came to our speed test score, which could only end up receiving a 2 out of 10.

It was that awful.

With this particular site, our standardized speed test ended up showing that it took a total of 8.11 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously well below average.

This site also has some serious uptime problems, as the final uptime percentage was only at 97.135%. This means that you’re definitely going to end up seeing a lot of blackouts.

Bad Support

Our customer service score for this particular host was only at 2 out of 10, which comes back to the speed of which their customer support sometimes replied to us.

It was horrible.

With this host, you’re going to end up seeing response turnaround time closer to 7 days more than anything, which is really just unacceptable at every single level overall.

This is a web host that doesn’t ever acknowledge its own downtime issues, either, so that’s something to absolutely keep in mind if you’re trying to make this work.

No Good News

Registering for their assistance is really not a good plan in the slightest:

Their help page isn’t going to end up working for you:

Their client interface is really tricky and extremely difficult to use: For Cpanel Hosting, It’s Not Going to Really Cut It is one horrible misnomer that is really going to need to bite the bullet.

It’s not good.

Instead of focusing on a horrible site like this one, you should really go for our number one cPanel hosting site online, It definitely will hit the mark.


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