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This host looks like it was thrown together in ten minutes, and that applies as much to the packages on offer as it does to the layout. It's all topped off with sky-high prices, too. certainly does take the time to look the part of an extremely generic hosting site. That’s not a compliment, by the way; it really does drag everything down.

It’s not good.

When a hosting site just takes the time to look like it was put together in about…oh, five minutes or so, that’s not going to instill a whole lot of confidence in users.

cPanel Hosting cta

As a customer, this site looks haphazardly designed, pulled from a template, and basically thrown up after that into a site that might as well be the same as any other hosting site.

Background Nopes

Upon looking for any other SceneGroup information, you’re basically going to find yourself coming up empty. This is a site that doesn’t really have a whole lot to offer.

It’s basically blank.

It’s unfortunate that this site seems to think that being a blank slate as far as background info goes is acceptable. As a customer, this means that you’re going in blind.

Obviously, that’s going to not be ideal for anyone that’s starting up a business. You don’t want to end up going in and throwing down all your cards with a business you don’t know.

image overlay SceneGroup

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Site-Building Features to Skip

The more that you poke around this site, the more you’re going to quickly find out that there’s not much of anything other than the most basic of basics on the market.

It’s limiting.

With this host, you need to get used to expecting the bare bones and nothing else. Yes, you’ll get cPanel, but that doesn’t mean that you get a ton of options with it.

This means that you’re basically going to be drumming your fingers looking for more, and you’ll come up with nothing. You don’t even have full MySQL access here.

Any Edge?

Standing out in a market like today’s online hosting market is an important task that this host ultimately fails at. Mostly, it just fades into the background as very generic.

Nothing stands out.

This host gets excited about the most basic of cPanel installations, which is really not something that needs to happen, especially when they don’t even have a site builder.

This makes this site pretty much obsolete, and very difficult for anyone to want to spend a ton of money on. It’s just not the kind of generic web host that you’ll want.

Plan Pricing Sadness

You expect to really end up being able to budget when it comes to hosting sites, but as our SceneGroup guide proves, that’s not exactly something that you can do here.

It’s not cheap.

With this particular host, even their most basic plan is still going to end up costing you a total of $18.99 monthly. Obviously, this is extremely expensive for what you’re getting.

Or rather…it’s what you’re not getting. With this host, it’s increasingly difficult to justify that price when you’re only getting 1GB of disk space and 1GB of bandwidth.

Security in General

Security really should be the top priority of most web hosting plans out there. This site, however, doesn’t even come close to discussing it, which is really scary.

You deserve more.

The thing about this host is that there’s not even a single conversation about it. That’s troubling, because you should definitely at least know that you’re getting the basics.

Because they don’t even talk about it, there’s no telling what you’re getting yourself into. A web host that does this sort of thing is one that needs to be feared.

Speed Overall

Our SceneGroup review wouldn’t be complete without a proper speed test in place, and that’s why we were really not surprised to give this site a 5 out of 10 overall.

It was slow.

This particular site took a total of 3.02 seconds to load up after a standardized speed test, which was obviously quite slow and well below average for most sites online.

The uptime was another issue entirely, as the final uptime percentage that we were able to find was only at 98.861%. This means that your site will see serious uptime issues.

User Support That Lacks

Our customer service score for this particular site was only at a 6 out of 10, which means that you’re obviously going to be experiencing some blips in the road using this site.

It’s not fast.

The main issue that you’ll immediately experience with this particular web host is that their customer service takes over 12 hours to actually respond to any of your tickets.

Obviously, this is unacceptable for any up and coming business, and is going to end up being the kiss of death for you if your customers need something quickly in general.

Bad News

Forget about their blog ever going to be helpful for you or anyone:

Logging into their client area is mostly going to be a nightmare for you:

Their twitter is just a confusing mess of tweets that won’t help you: Just Not Good Enough for cPanel Hosting Online

We were really not impressed with, and that’s because this is a very generic web host without a ton of oomph…or any sort of reliability that can help you.

Skip it.

Rather than waste your time and money here, you should be spending your time on our number one web host out there, It can really work for you.

For the best cPanel hosting around, you definitely need to give it a shot. It really can deliver.


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