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For that price tag, you'd think that this company would offer something more than generic basics. Unfortunately, you're not getting any of that here for your money.

While might look like a half-way decent site at first glance, that’s all just a cover-up, basically. This site is very half-assed, and that shows through the lack of plans.

It’s very barren.

This is a web host that doesn’t seem to put a lot of thought into actually giving its customers even basic care, which leads to a lot of minimalistic plans with few features.

cPanel Hosting cta

It makes for a difficult site to get started on, that’s for sure. The idea of trying to make this hosting site work for your business is more akin to pulling teeth than anything else.

Background & Company Data

Hunting through this particular hosting site is a nightmare when it comes to trying to find more vps6 information. That’s because there’s next to nothing–not even an ‘about us’ page.

You can do better.

Going in blind with a hosting site online is really not the ideal, but sadly, that’s the sort of thing that you’re going to have to settle upon when it comes to this particular host.

vps6 overlay image

It’s not enjoyable to really know nothing about the host that you’re trying invest into, but that’s the name of this site’s game. It’s not going to end up changing either, unfortunately.

Site-Building Resources

There’s definitely an ideal that you’d like to be able to find when it comes to features and resources, but during our vps6 guide, we found none of that on the site.

It’s pretty dull.

This site allows access to cPanel, sure, but it’s definitely in a mediocre fashion. Most of this site just seems to have a whole lot of basic features and nothing beyond that.

You’re not going to have access to any one-click scripts, for example, and any kind of a site builder is basically just nonexistent. This is obviously not a good site for you.

Can It Come Through in the Market?

Generic never needs to be the name of the game when it comes to web hosting, but honestly, all that you’re ever going to see with this particular host is that alone.

It’s very bland.

A web host does need an edge to stand out in an ever-growing market, but this is one host that doesn’t seem inclined to come close to trying that. It is just stagnating.

They’ll try to claim that the fact you can purchase domain names here is interesting and cool, but trust us–you can literally do that anywhere online, so skip it.

Plan Pricing, Compared

This site wasn’t at all affordable, especially when you consider how little you’re really going to end up getting for a hosting site like this. It’s not going to be a pleasant surprise.

It’s no good.

Even the most basic of plans with this particular hosting site are going to end up costing you a total of $17.44 monthly, which is obviously already on the high end side.

This price isn’t going to include any sort of a yearly discount, and you’re going to be severely limited by their cPanel options…or honestly, their serious lack thereof.

Security Data

Every single web host out there needs to be having a conversation with you about the kind of security that you’re going to have, but this host just doesn’t even bother.

That’s scary.

The moment that a web host doesn’t even try to talk about security with you is the moment that you should be backing up and moving on to another web host entirely.

That’s why this is a host that needs to really step up its game. The fact that it doesn’t say anything about security in your web hosting is something to be addressed.

Speed Data

As a part of our vps6 review, we just had to dig into the site’s speed stats, which weren’t at all good. That’s why we ended up giving them only a 6 out of 10 on our speed test.

It wasn’t pretty.

After performing a standardized speed test on this particular site, we found that it ended up taking a total of 2.35 seconds to load up entirely, which was obviously quite slow.

The uptime was another issue here, as the final percentage for that was only at 98.976%. This means that over 1% of the time, your site is going to be down and out.

User Support Encounters

Our customer service score for this particular host was a 7 out of 10, which means that we did end up seeing a lot of lag in our ticket responses, when we got them.

It wasn’t good.

When a host takes over 7 hours to end up replying to just one of our tickets, that’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It’s just not good enough at all.

If you’re running a business, that kind of lag time when it comes to responses in the help desk area is going to end up crippling you. You deserve something much better.

Current News

Their Facebook is really not updated enough to ever help you:

Their client interface is really not going to work for you, so avoid it:

Skip their control panel, which sadly, is going to put an end to the entire use of the site: For Cpanel Hosting, You Just Have to Leave It Behind isn’t a good web host at all, especially if you’re looking for very versatile cPanel hosting. You need something that’s going to really be a powerhouse for you instead.

Skip this one.

Rather than waste your time with a web host that’s just going to end up frustrating you, you should go for our number one site instead, It’s the best.

We’ve proven that it can end up giving you everything that you want in one place for cPanel hosting online. It’s just a matter of getting out there and putting it to work.


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