Why You Should Be Wary of Reseller Hosting

Dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting. When you’re first getting into hosting your own website, the sheer number of options can seem overwhelming. So many names get thrown around that it can be hard to tell which service is best for the sort of site you want to host. And while a lot of that decision will be based on what kind of site you are looking to run, there is one thing you can be sure of no matter what kind of blog or site you’re looking to launch: you should avoid reseller hosting at all costs. What Is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosts are exactly what they sound like they would be – hosts that resell space that they’ve purchased on another server specifically for the purpose of hosting other websites. You can think of it like someone subletting a room in a house they’re renting from someone else who actually owns it. It’s a potentially complicated hosting situation in which the company you’re purchasing services from is more of a middleman than an actual host server. What Are Some Complications? Back to the analogy of the sublet room, imagine being sold that space without being told that there are actually four other rooms and eight other roommates…

Keeping With the Times-and Why You Should Have Young People Working on Your Team

When setting up the team that is going to put the most amount of work into your website, it might have taken you quite some time to decide on who should be a part of your site and who was unnecessary for the general success of the site. While your choices might be working out for you and you may not have faced any serious problems, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are replacing anyone on your team. The most important thing to realize is that you absolutely MUST have someone young working on your website team in order to keep it up to date and hip. Here are just a few little reasons why it is so important to have young people working for you when it comes to running a website. Fresh Perspective The first and most important thing that having young people working for you can do is offer a brand new, fresh perspective for everything on your site. Because they were raised a good deal more around computers than people in older generations, young people have a certain knowledge of how to work computers, set up websites, and what it is that people want to see when they visit…

5 Things To Remember About Fashion Blogging

Blogging about style and fashion is a great thing to do lately. People are extremely interested in this topic, whether it’s how to dress like the stars on a dime or where to buy the most ecofriendly clothing from. Delving into this topic is sure to net your blog a lot of hits if you play your cards right. Don’t slack off, though. Just because it’s a popular topic doesn’t mean you can’t fall for some common pratfalls that kill some fashion blogs or at least minimizes their traffic. Styles Change Day By Day One day you’re going to right about how skinny jeans are super trendy and the only kind of pants you’ll need for the fall. The next day, bellbottoms are making a comeback and it’s time to burn those jeggings. A few days later, skinny jeans are back on trend and the bellbottoms are back in the 70s where they belong. This will be a constant thing you have to keep people aware of. What’s in, what’s out, and the sure distinction of when which is which. Not Everyone Is A Millionaire Fashion is usually associated with those who are wealthy. Just open some magazines on the topic. Vogue isn’t targeting the everyman with their photo spreads…


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