Tips for Writing a Lifestyle Blog

Blogging is a great hobby, because if you’re lucky, you can make some serious bank, and even if you’re not, you still get to sharpen your writing and photography skills, learn to manage a website, and maybe even get to take a couple of personal journeys along the way. Lifestyle blogging has a captured a huge audience, and can be a catch all for a huge number of potential topics ranging from food, health and wellness, to parenting and interior decorating. That’s a lot of stuff, but you don’t have to write about all of it, and there’s a couple things you can do to get your blog on track, even if you’ve only just gotten started. Research If you’re thinking of starting a blog, chances are that you’ve either seen one before, or you’re already following a group of active bloggers. Use your favorites as your muses and models. What kind of image do your favorite blogs present, and what sort of visuals and writing tone do they use to create that image? What do you like, and dislike about their content, or their website layout? What attracted you to their blog, and most importantly, why did you stay and become a fan? These are good ways to find…

Keeping With the Times-and Why You Should Have Young People Working on Your Team

When setting up the team that is going to put the most amount of work into your website, it might have taken you quite some time to decide on who should be a part of your site and who was unnecessary for the general success of the site. While your choices might be working out for you and you may not have faced any serious problems, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are replacing anyone on your team. The most important thing to realize is that you absolutely MUST have someone young working on your website team in order to keep it up to date and hip. Here are just a few little reasons why it is so important to have young people working for you when it comes to running a website. Fresh Perspective The first and most important thing that having young people working for you can do is offer a brand new, fresh perspective for everything on your site. Because they were raised a good deal more around computers than people in older generations, young people have a certain knowledge of how to work computers, set up websites, and what it is that people want to see when they visit…

How to Make Your Mobile Site Design Easy to Use

When you are first setting up your website, one of the most important things that should have been set up in the process was the mobile version of your site. Mobile sites are an extremely important part of any website and are a very necessary thing in the world today, since so many people access the Internet through their smartphones and tablets. So while you might have set up a mobile version of your site to make it easier for your customers to access your site from anywhere in the world, you may not have realized all of the little things that you would need to do in order to make sure that your mobile site is actually easy to use. Here are just a few tips for how to make your mobile site something that will not drive your customers insane as they try to figure out how to work it. Simple The purpose of a mobile site is to make it easier for your visitors to access everything that your site has to offer in a mobile setting. That means that you need to make sure that there is not too much coding going into the site in general and that it is simple enough to load quickly…


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