Why What Your Customers Think of Your Site is Important

As someone running a website, you should realize that your customers are a very large part of what gives your site any sort of success. In fact, without your customers, you would not even be able to keep your site up and running for any large amount of time. In that line, customer feedback is a very important part of keeping your site up to date and enjoyable for the people who allow you to keep it running. But why exactly is it so important to pay attention to what your customers and other visitors are saying about your website? That is a great question. There are plenty of reasons for why you should always take customer comments to heart, but here are a few of the most important ones. Good Business Protocol First of all, it is just good business to listen to what your customers are saying, no matter if you are working online or in some retail store, it is always a good idea to pay attention to your customers. This is not just because the customer is always right and you need to make sure that you are adhering to that motto, but because it only puts you in a bad light if you refuse to…

Reasons Why Bloggers Must Use cPanel Hosting

If you’re new to blog hosting, you’re probably running into a lot of unfamiliar terminology as you hunt for the best deals out there. It can be an understandably confusing experience as you look at your array of choices, scratch your head, and wonder which ones you should prioritize. While your list of must have features may fluctuate depending on the kind of blog you plan on running, a guaranteed must have for every blog is cPanel hosting. What is cPanel? cPanel is a web hosting control panel based off of the Linux operating system. It provides an easy to navigate graphical interface and array of tools to allow you to update, edit and alter your site. Prior to applications like cPanel users often had to rely on uploading hand written script via an FTP server, which was much more difficult and unreliable. When script errors occurred it was difficult to tell where or how, and navigating your uploaded folders could be a nightmare depending on the number of files your site required to run. cPanel significantly simplifies the process of running a blog. Why Use cPanel? In addition to it generally making it easier for you to build and enhance your blog, cPanel is the most widely used platform…

How to Successfully Introduce Your Blog

More and more people are opting to create blogs for their websites, either for personal reasons or because they feel it would improve business. Regardless of the reason for choosing to create a blog, there’s one very important thing that should be taken into careful consideration, and that’s how you choose to introduce your blog to the Internet. Though it is basically as easy as making your first post, if you want to be a successful blogger and get people interested in reading what you have to write, you’re going to want your introduction to have a little more emphasis. If you’re not exactly sure how to go about introducing your blog in the right way, there are some very simple steps you can follow. Build Up Some Hype This doesn’t mean you need to start a viral marketing technique to get people intrigued about your upcoming blog, but it definitely won’t hurt to let people know that it’s on its way. You can do this by using social media to inform people that you’re working on creating a blog, by making a small announcement on your website, or by letting people know in your website’s newspaper. The announcement itself doesn’t have to be grandiose in design, but you should…


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