Quick and Easy Ways to Familiarize Yourself with cPanel

Hosting a website isn’t necessarily easy, particularly if it’s something you’ve never done before. There’s a steep learning curve involved, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely impossible for those uneducated in that area. In fact, there are some things you can do to make hosting a site much, much easier. One of those things is making the choice to use cPanel. cPanel, which is Linux based, provides people with a control panel that is designed to make hosting a website easier. If you’re interested in setting up a website but aren’t familiar with hosting at all, getting cPanel is probably a step in the right direction for you. Make Sure All Your Contact Info is Up to Date cPanel works by being connected to your account with a hosting provider. For this reason, you need to make sure that all the information you’re using when you first set up cPanel is up to date. This means that the email and other contact info you used with the hosting provider should be used with cPanel. By ensuring that the info is up to date, you’re ensuring that you’ll be getting any and all emails from your hosting provider, as well as any emails that directly relate to your website. This…

Key Features Your Host Should Be Offering You

Unscrupulous web hosts taking advantage of idealistic young business and website owners is a tale as old as the Internet. Fortunately, all it takes to save you is a little knowledge. There are a lot of features that any decent webhost would give you for free that scammers would either not provide or would try to charge you for. Before you commit to any one web host, take a look at a few and make sure that everyone you’re looking at offers these four services as part of their basic package. Reliable Bandwidth Even when you’re on a shared server there should be some sort of guaranteed minimum bandwidth for your computer. Bandwidth is literally the size of the “pipe” that connects your server to the computer that someone trying to view your site is using. A tiny pipe is easily clogged; a big pipe lets all kinds of information flow quickly and easily through it. This means that your site will load quickly when you have adequate bandwidth, but very slowly when it’s restricted. There should always be some sort of guarantee that lets you know how much bandwidth you can expect at any given time. cPanel Backend cPanel is a dashboard or directory that lets you interface with…

Can You Really Use Free Hosting Sites for Small Businesses?

When you’re looking to make a blog or webpage for a small business you may be tempted to sign up with the big companies that offer you a ton of storage or other features for a price. Everyone uses these, that’s why they exist, right? Not exactly. Just because some people are willing to pay more for a few more benefits doesn’t mean that you have to just because you’re a business. Since you are still small, it’s more beneficial overall financially to actually keep your blog free. You can use free hosting and keep your business going, and we’re going to tell you how. Free Sites There are many hosts out there that offer free websites to those that want to sign up. The most popular ones are WordPress.com, Blogger.com, and SquareSpace.com. This isn’t to say that these are the only ones, but they are the most popular for a reason. Being widely used they are easy to navigate, customize, and edit. Granted, Square Space is only free for a certain amount of time when you sign up, it’s still ranking as one of the top initially free blogs since it’s considered the most creative yet professional of them all. Either way, finding a site like these is key…


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Our Top-Rated cPanel Hosts

#1 Host: GreenGeeks
#2 Host: GlowHost
#3 Host: InterServer
#4 Host: HostGator
#5 Host: BlueHost


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