Top FTP Clients to Use with Your Control Panel

Among some of the most commonly used protocols on the Internet is the file transfer protocol, FTP, which is basically exactly what it says-it transfers computer files from host to host. To facilitate the file transfer you need to use an FTP client, and given that these clients are often faster than the native file managers embedded in web hosting management software like cPanel, it makes sense that FTP account integration and accessibility would be one of the many features offered in many web content management systems. While there are plenty of options, not all FTP clients are created equal. Here’s a list of our favorites. FileZilla FileZilla is arguably the most widespread FTP client with a reputation of being the unofficial industry standard. It’s not undeserved praise either, since FileZilla is free and open-source, well-documented, and works on all three operating systems, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. While the UI is nothing to write home about in terms of looks or design, the simplicity of it makes it easy to use for beginners. Windows users can use FileZilla to build their own FTP servers, and there’s a portable version available to put on your USB when you’re on the go. There’s also bookmarking, drag and drop, proxy support and pause-resume…

Four Alternatives to cPanel

cPanel is a great website management tool that often comes bundled with website hosts. It’s widely used and is something of an industry standard, but for the individual website hoster who likes to have their cake and eat it too, or for the hoster working on a budget and likes their customization, and the cost of cPanel for an individual server, per month, runs from $15-$20. That’s not insignificant, factoring the possible additions of server costs, or additional expenses from domains and other software clients. The good thing is, the Internet is vast, and there’s more than one free, open-source alternative to cPanel out there. Here’s a pick of our top four. VirtualMin/WebMin VirtualMin and WebMin are a Linux distributions and Unix compatible software suite that’s easy to install, and free under a General Public License. It doesn’t look as sharp as some other control panels, but there’s some deep customization available despite the simple-looking UI. For people looking to switch to dedicated or VPS hosting, Virtualmin/Webmin is also capable of importing websites from cPanel backups, making website transfer from shared hosts to VPS/dedicated ones very simple. It can also be used together with NGINX to act as a web server and speed up processing. There’s good support and Q&A…

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Your Website or Blog

With the advancements of Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular term tossed around the Web. What is cloud storage? Essentially, you hand over your data to a hosting company where it’s kept, along with others’ information, in a multitude of servers and locations that ensure less risk of security threats or physical damage than if you were keeping the information yourself. It also eliminates the need for you to purchase a pricey external hard drive. While you can have a cloud of your own based on your very own desktop, it is far more common to obtain cloud storage through a hosting company. Here are a few of the benefits of this method of storage for your blog or website. Automated Backup Depending on the company you are storing your information with, you may be able to get automated backups of your blog or website. This eliminates the worry of your computer crashing, or your files being damages or lost while you’re working on them. If you’ve been having your site backup and stored automatically, there will be a lot less reconstruction to worry about in the event of an emergency. It’s an incredibly useful feature that has saved many a website owner from…


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Our Top-Rated cPanel Hosts

#1 Host: GreenGeeks
#2 Host: GlowHost
#3 Host: InterServer
#4 Host: HostGator
#5 Host: BlueHost


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