What To Do If Your Web Host Just Isn’t Cutting It

If your site is lagging, you find yourself with periods of down time, your images aren’t loading completely, or you just plain can’t log into your server when you need to, these may be signs that your web server just isn’t cutting it anymore. Whether it’s the fault of your web host for providing inadequate service or due to you operating outside of the confines of what your server can provide you with, it’s a real problem. When you’re new to web hosting it can seem like a confounding one, but there are a few steps you can take to quickly and easily correct the problem. Below you’ll find a few that may be the solution to your problems. Reduce Your Server Load The solution to your problem could be as simple as cutting down on the load you’re placing on your server. Go through your media files and delete any that you aren’t using to free up space and bandwidth. After you’ve cleared all those out, download any of the large number of available plug-ins meant to help reduce file sizes on your website without cutting down on quality. Reducing image sizes can be a huge bandwidth saver, and this all by itself could solve your issues with troublesome…

Taking Your Restaurant’s Website Above Amateur

These days, if your business doesn’t have an online presence it’s hard for many people to take you seriously. If you have a restaurant, a website and thoroughly completed online profiles is one of your best methods of advertising. Tourists and locals alike find restaurants with apps or Internet searches for “restaurants near me” and want to be able to not only find a phone number for a restaurant, but their hours, their menu, and a nicely designed website. If you already have a website for your restaurant, it may be time for an upgrade so you don’t fall behind the pack. Here are a few key features for your site that will take it from amateur to professional. Professional Photography Visual appeal is one of the most important factors for any business with an online presence to have. Blurry, low quality, and tiny pictures give off a very unprofessional feel for your business, and worse still is not having any pictures at all. Include not only your logo on your website, but also pictures of the outside and inside. Potential customers are often curious about what your establishment looks like, and want to know that it looks clean and up to their standards. Having bright, clear, and high quality…

Reasons Why Bloggers Must Use cPanel Hosting

If you’re new to blog hosting, you’re probably running into a lot of unfamiliar terminology as you hunt for the best deals out there. It can be an understandably confusing experience as you look at your array of choices, scratch your head, and wonder which ones you should prioritize. While your list of must have features may fluctuate depending on the kind of blog you plan on running, a guaranteed must have for every blog is cPanel hosting. What is cPanel? cPanel is a web hosting control panel based off of the Linux operating system. It provides an easy to navigate graphical interface and array of tools to allow you to update, edit and alter your site. Prior to applications like cPanel users often had to rely on uploading hand written script via an FTP server, which was much more difficult and unreliable. When script errors occurred it was difficult to tell where or how, and navigating your uploaded folders could be a nightmare depending on the number of files your site required to run. cPanel significantly simplifies the process of running a blog. Why Use cPanel? In addition to it generally making it easier for you to build and enhance your blog, cPanel is the most widely used platform…


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