Steps to Take to Prevent a DDoS Attack

It’s an unfortunate fact that for every nice person that’s out there on the Internet, there’s always going to be someone looking to cause trouble. That trouble commonly comes in the form of a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, and when this happens it can cause some serious issues with a website. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a DDoS attack, you likely know this. If you haven’t, you should be aware of just how inconvenient and damaging this kind of attack can be. If you’re managing an online retail site, for example, a DDoS attack could put a serious dent in both your site traffic and sales, which means you’re losing money by the minute as the attack continues. In order to avoid this kind of scenario (or at least to be able to stop it from being too damaging) it’s a very good idea to be aware of just what you can do to try and prevent a DDoS attack. Buy More Bandwidth Than You Need One of the easiest ways to prevent the severity of a DDoS attack is to buy more bandwidth than you need. Unfortunately, this is going to cost you. The reason you’re going to want more than you need…

How to Tell If the Host You Are Using Is Right for You

There’s a difference between a good webhost and the right webhost for you. There are plenty of hosts that are geared towards the needs of businesses that aren’t yours. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that you’re getting a web host that not only checks off all the boxes on the “is this web host a good one?” list, but actually is set up for sites like the one you dream of making successful. Is the Customer Service Prompt Your web host shouldn’t be content with having sold you your domain and hosting space. Your web host should still be treating you like a valuable client and potential sale, because that’s what you are. If you call up customer service to talk about maybe getting more RAM for the month they should get back to you ASAP, no doubt about it. Having that in your corner is the best thing that you can hope for in these circumstances. Your site isn’t going to succeed if you have a web host who thinks you’re too “small” a client to be worthy of attention. Can You Always Reach Tech Support Any second that your site spends down is a second that you could be missing out on traffic. It doesn’t…


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