You Should Have Multiple Emails for Your Business

It is not uncommon, even for small businesses with a single employee, to have more than one email address. While it’s easy to understand why a large corporation may have use for multiple emails, it can be a little trickier to understand why a stand-alone owner would opt for the same choice. The reality is that trying to pile all of your business related emails into one inbox as your business and website grow can get very messy, very quickly. To keep things neat, streamlined, and looking professional, you can create multiple email accounts under your domain name. Many hosting providers will let you do this for free. Here are a few reasons to consider the option. Professional Appearance Sure, you could reply to all of your business emails from the address “” but that makes it loud and clear that you’re running a one man show. By creating different emails for different situations, you give the illusion that your company is bigger and more professional than it really is. You can use something like “” for customer service responses, and your personal address when a client wants to work with your directly. You can even use a separate account to send out your newsletter and receive responses. Organization Having…

Determining Whether Responsive Design is Right for Your Website

When it comes to web design, there are a lot of choices you’re going to have to make. Some of them will have a large impact on functionality while others will influence the appearance and layout of your website. When it comes to functionality, one choice you’ll likely consider is whether or not your website should be adaptive or responsive. If you’re unfamiliar with those terms, the first thing you need to do is learn what they are. Responsive web design (often referred to as RWD) is when the CSS code is changed so that a website will adapt to the layout as well as the operating system of any kind of browser. RWD is focused mainly on ensuring that people using mobile devices are able to have an optimal browsing experience. However, not every website makes use of RWD and many of those are still successful, which means RWD is not exactly necessary. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should make use of RWD, you need to consider several factors about your intent and goal for your site. Will You Be Blogging? If your website is going to focus mainly on your blog, it may be a better idea for you to avoid using RWD.…

4 Ways To Make Sure You Got The Best Blog Name

Think about a company you like. It can be a fast food place or your favorite place to shop. What makes them a recognizable grand to you? Their colors and logo? Their products or mission statement? One thing that you should think of is their name. A bad name can kill a company. They can also kill a great blog. When it comes to naming your blog, you have to be inventive but not so creative that you sail off course. There are a lot of methods to picking a blog name but whichever you choose you should make sure you’ve pick the best one available. Is It Catchy? A blog name should be something that stays with someone. There’s thousands of blogs out there, possibly millions, so you need to have a blog title that wiggles its way into someone’s brain and keeps coming back. A catchy title is one that will definitely make people remember it and so will their search history. As an example, if your name is Nicholas and you have a hobby blog, call it ‘Nick Knacks’ instead of ‘Nick’s Odds and Ends’. It’s clever and catchy. It might be a little cheesy but that’s fine. It’s something with sticking power. Is It Something No…


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