Warning Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Blog’s Success

It can be difficult to become a successful blog writer. Often times it can seem like you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you really want. There are small things you can do or neglect doing that may have a large impact on the success of your site that may not seem like a big deal but can certainly add up. Avoid sabotaging your site by reading the below to make sure your site isn’t tanking because of a simple error on your end. You Aren’t Asking For Feedback None of us are perfect. Not all the content you write all the time is going to be successful, which is why it’s critical that you make yourself available to feedback in some form or fashion. It can be via a comments section open on your blog with each post you make or even sending the post to a few friends to read over before you launch it on your site. It’s critical that you always make yourself available to feedback, good and bad, since it’s the only real way to grow as a writer. You Aren’t Connecting With Other Blogs With the sheer number of blogs out there, being able to connect with other blogs that already have…

Quick and Easy Ways to Familiarize Yourself with cPanel

Hosting a website isn’t necessarily easy, particularly if it’s something you’ve never done before. There’s a steep learning curve involved, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely impossible for those uneducated in that area. In fact, there are some things you can do to make hosting a site much, much easier. One of those things is making the choice to use cPanel. cPanel, which is Linux based, provides people with a control panel that is designed to make hosting a website easier. If you’re interested in setting up a website but aren’t familiar with hosting at all, getting cPanel is probably a step in the right direction for you. Make Sure All Your Contact Info is Up to Date cPanel works by being connected to your account with a hosting provider. For this reason, you need to make sure that all the information you’re using when you first set up cPanel is up to date. This means that the email and other contact info you used with the hosting provider should be used with cPanel. By ensuring that the info is up to date, you’re ensuring that you’ll be getting any and all emails from your hosting provider, as well as any emails that directly relate to your website. This…

Keeping a Low-Budget Blog Professional Looking

There are a ton of different people online today looking to make a buck off of their blogs. Unfortunately that means that the other people who haven’t done that have taken to the idea that a blog is something that is easily made and amateur at best. While there are always those that use their blogs in a productive and successful way, many just start up a blog and leave it lying dormant. The countless junk-blogs out there shouldn’t put you off, though. You can have a professional looking blog, even if you don’t have the budget for one. There are simple and easy tricks to get some credit to your blog’s name, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of time. Background Any time that you need to use a physical background for something you have an opportunity to add some class to your operation. You may need a background if you’re taking pictures of a product that you’re reviewing, if you’re interviewing someone and want to stream a video of it, or even if you’re just sitting in front of something while you take a short recording of it. By using neutral colors like grey, black, white, or brown you are already creating a cleaner background…

cPanel Features You Need to Make the Most Of

As far as web hosts are concerned, cPanel is the industry standard control panel. It’s known for its ease of use and multitude of features to help website owners get the most out of their site. As a beginner, cPanel can seem very daunting, and once you get the swing of its most basic features you many not want to explore any further. You’d be missing out, though, on some very helpful resources for you and your website. Everything from email hosting that can be hooked up to your present email account, to security for your website is available through cPanel. Don’t let these key features go to waste on your website. Email Access Using cPanel, you are granted access to any email accounts you may want to have set up for your business. While cPanel itself has a relatively limited email system as far as customization goes, it can be easily hooked up to your existing Gmail account with a simple plugin. From there, you can have all of your business email forwarded to your personal account (without ever giving away your personal email address to strangers) and manage customization and formatting of your responses. Backing Up Your Site Along with features to help you access and organize your…


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