Benefits of Cloud Storage for Your Website or Blog

With the advancements of Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular term tossed around the Web. What is cloud storage? Essentially, you hand over your data to a hosting company where it’s kept, along with others’ information, in a multitude of servers and locations that ensure less risk of security threats or physical damage than if you were keeping the information yourself. It also eliminates the need for you to purchase a pricey external hard drive. While you can have a cloud of your own based on your very own desktop, it is far more common to obtain cloud storage through a hosting company. Here are a few of the benefits of this method of storage for your blog or website. Automated Backup Depending on the company you are storing your information with, you may be able to get automated backups of your blog or website. This eliminates the worry of your computer crashing, or your files being damages or lost while you’re working on them. If you’ve been having your site backup and stored automatically, there will be a lot less reconstruction to worry about in the event of an emergency. It’s an incredibly useful feature that has saved many a website owner from…

Auto-install Scripts: Comparing Fantastico and Softaculous

One of the best things about using website hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, are the script libraries that you can use alongside them. These auto-installers use their commercial script bundles to perform their eponymous function-they enable one-click automatic installation of dozens upon dozens of web applications, from ever-popular WordPress to content management system Joomla. Not only does this save time by allowing users to avoid download source codes for necessary software, and running virus and update maintenance on that software, but these easy installation options also allow control panels to truly become centralized tools for web hosting and management. Hosting sites will offer web hosting plans that include these auto-installers as modules to create platforms to help enact scripts and programs. The two top systems Fantastico-De-Luxe and Softaculous have long been pitted against each other. While comparison and rivalry between the two systems has not reached iOS versus Android levels, it’s still worth it to sit down and consider which script library might be a better fit for your control panel software. Fantastico Fantastico is the most widely used auto-installer, and mostly utilizes open source software scripts, with just a couple scripts for proprietary software. Early versions of the auto-installer were exclusively compatible with cPanel, one of…


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