Ways To Make Sure You Sound Smart On Your Blog

Some people don’t go to blogs to see people talking eloquently and with correct diction and grammar. That’s perfectly fine and reasonable considering some subjects, especially personal ones, aren’t meant to be so scholarly and precise. If you are in fact talking about a topic that requires information and facts, however, you should try to sound as intelligent and knowledgeable as possible. If you aren’t used to this and aren’t good at playing the part of a scholar then you should learn to fake it until you make it as much as possible. Don’t Be Formal But Don’t Be That Casual There’s a thick line between talking to your superiors and professors and talking to your friends and family. The first thing you should do is find the middle of that line and walk straight down it. The goal is to seem informational without being haughty and above everyone. Talking too casually can shoot down your credibility. Talking like a scientist can make you seem dull and drab. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal or funny at times, though. It’s important to still seem like a person. Just remember that the information comes before the comedy routine. Use Correct Grammar And Punctuation Being in tune with your sixth…

Tips for Responding to Angry Customer Emails

An unfortunate part of being in business is that no matter how great your product or service, there will always be at least one disgruntled customer who finds something to be upset about. Sometimes they’re completely off the wall, and other times they have a valid complaint or concern. Regardless, it’s your job as the owner of your business to make sure that their concern is addressed and handled in a professional manner. It can be difficult to keep your cool when someone is screaming at you or berating you, but one benefit of operating an online business is that complaints will come in electronic forms that allow you to pause, compose yourself, and answer in your own time. Here are some tips and tricks to handling grouchy customer emails. 1. Don’t Respond in Haste When you first read an email from an unreasonable customer who is absolutely livid and is jabbing at everything from the quality of your products to your mother’s intelligence, you’re probably going to feel a little fired up. Whatever you do, this is not the time to reply to the customer in question. If you need to, open up a word document and type out all the angry things you have to say. The get…

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Your Website or Blog

With the advancements of Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular term tossed around the Web. What is cloud storage? Essentially, you hand over your data to a hosting company where it’s kept, along with others’ information, in a multitude of servers and locations that ensure less risk of security threats or physical damage than if you were keeping the information yourself. It also eliminates the need for you to purchase a pricey external hard drive. While you can have a cloud of your own based on your very own desktop, it is far more common to obtain cloud storage through a hosting company. Here are a few of the benefits of this method of storage for your blog or website. Automated Backup Depending on the company you are storing your information with, you may be able to get automated backups of your blog or website. This eliminates the worry of your computer crashing, or your files being damages or lost while you’re working on them. If you’ve been having your site backup and stored automatically, there will be a lot less reconstruction to worry about in the event of an emergency. It’s an incredibly useful feature that has saved many a website owner from…

3 Books You Must Read and Review on Your Blog

If you are running the sort of blog that focuses on reviewing books and movies or even bands in order to draw in your viewers then this is definitely the article for you. There are some stories that are absolutely timeless and in order to really catch the attention of the people that you are hoping to write for, you will need to use those stories to your ends. That is why there are certain books that you should definitely be reading and reviewing for your blog, even if they are not the sort of thing that you would regularly read. There are plenty of books and movies just like this, but here are just three really famous stories that you ought to be reading and reviewing. Lord of the Rings That’s right, you need to read and review the entire trilogy. With as much of a following as the Lord of the Rings has, it will do you a lot of good to have at least read it, but to write review for this book as well will work well for you also. Whether you enjoy the trilogy or find it too dry to read through, putting that opinion out there on the web is a really great way…


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