Warning Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Blog’s Success

It can be difficult to become a successful blog writer. Often times it can seem like you’re doing everything right but not getting the results you really want. There are small things you can do or neglect doing that may have a large impact on the success of your site that may not seem like a big deal but can certainly add up. Avoid sabotaging your site by reading the below to make sure your site isn’t tanking because of a simple error on your end. You Aren’t Asking For Feedback None of us are perfect. Not all the content you write all the time is going to be successful, which is why it’s critical that you make yourself available to feedback in some form or fashion. It can be via a comments section open on your blog with each post you make or even sending the post to a few friends to read over before you launch it on your site. It’s critical that you always make yourself available to feedback, good and bad, since it’s the only real way to grow as a writer. You Aren’t Connecting With Other Blogs With the sheer number of blogs out there, being able to connect with other blogs that already have…

How to Make Your Mobile Site Design Easy to Use

When you are first setting up your website, one of the most important things that should have been set up in the process was the mobile version of your site. Mobile sites are an extremely important part of any website and are a very necessary thing in the world today, since so many people access the Internet through their smartphones and tablets. So while you might have set up a mobile version of your site to make it easier for your customers to access your site from anywhere in the world, you may not have realized all of the little things that you would need to do in order to make sure that your mobile site is actually easy to use. Here are just a few tips for how to make your mobile site something that will not drive your customers insane as they try to figure out how to work it. Simple The purpose of a mobile site is to make it easier for your visitors to access everything that your site has to offer in a mobile setting. That means that you need to make sure that there is not too much coding going into the site in general and that it is simple enough to load quickly…

Fun Ways to Make Your Pet Important to Your Website Followers

Your blog needs some personality, and you need everyone to see that your dog is absolutely the cutest. Having a fun mascot is a great way to get people engaged. More people like dogs than babies, to start with, and it’s a great way to add a personal touch to an impersonal business. If you’re trying to start a blog about saving money, that’s not going to engage with people as much. Adding your pet into the mix is a good way to seem approachable and human, no matter what you’re writing about. Include Photos of Them Everywhere The first thing that you have to do is make sure that everyone knows your pet. This is true whether you have an adorable dog, a precious potbellied pig, or a cat that’s never impressed with you. So put up photos of them! Make sure that your pet as a place on your “About Us” page, and is included in any employee pictures. You can also use adorable snaps of them as illustrations in your blog entries and to decorate your error pages. Anything that increases the visibility of your pet is a good idea. Write Advice from Your Pet’s Perspective Obviously, this isn’t going to work for every business all of…

Figuring Out What Tone to Take on Your Website

When you’re writing content for your business’s website, it’s important that your writing has personality and voice, or your content will flat and readers will be bored. Everyone has a unique “voice” to offer when they write, and practice will help you bring out yours. However, you will also need to control the tone you use with your customers. After all, you wouldn’t take to your mother the way you would talk to your manager. Different types of business call for different tones of writing. When you’re just starting out with an online business for the first time, it can be difficult to settle on what kind of tone your website and business should be using. Here are a few tips to get you started. Know Your Audience Having a good idea of who you’re talking to is the best place to start figuring out what tone to use in your content. If you have a business plan already, you should be familiar with who your target market is. If you don’t already know, a key step to your business’s success will be identifying this market. Once you can envision your ideal customer, you can imagine yourself talking to them. Practice writing a post in the way you would talk…

cPanel Issues You Can Easily Avoid

If you’ve ever been involved or looked into website hosting, you’re probably aware that it can be quite difficult. It can also be really confusing, particularly if you’ve never done that type of thing before. Fortunately, there are certain programs like cPanel that exist to make hosting a much easier task. However, just because cPanel simplifies the hosting process doesn’t mean that people won’t experience issues while using it. As is the norm for almost every kind of software out there, there are always going to be problems. Any issues you may encounter with cPanel are the kind that can be easily circumvented or remedied, but it’s not a bad idea to learn which are the most common problems so that you’re able to see them coming. Out of Date Contact Info Because cPanel is going to be connected to your hosting account, you need to enter all your contact information related to that hosting account into cPanel. Because this kind of information tends to change (particularly if you’re transferring a website or switching to a different hosting provider), you may end up with a problem if you don’t make sure to keep it current. cPanel is the control panel you’ll use to handle all the hosting factors, but it’s…


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