What Exactly Is cPanel and How Can It Help You?

When you’re trying to run a site from the ground up for the first time there are a lot of really different things that you need to consider. First of all, there’s always the chance that you’re going to be running into something that you don’t know how to handle. You need to be cautious what you use. Fortunately, there’s a very simple dashboard that can help you customize your site to get the most out of it: cPanel. cPanel Is Your Website Dashboard When you look at cPanel you see a directory for everything that you can do with your site. It will show you how to upload images and build web pages right there in the program. You can also upload themes for it to use so that you don’t even have to that. You can control everything here, from passwords to images to the plugins and programs that your site using to function, like an online shopping cart program or WordPress. Whatever you want, you can find it here. Allows You to Work with Code Without Knowing It Basically, cPanel means that you don’t have to learn how to code to be able to code. cPanel knows the HTML that will allow you to upload an image…

How To Ask Your Host The Right cPanel Questions

If you’re like a lot of people then you have no idea what cPanel is or how to use it. While this may seem like an embarrassing fact and the ways to change it seem daunting, both of these assumptions are actually wrong. The journey of a million miles starts with a single step and the steps in this case are actually really simple. One of the first stops you should take on your journey to understanding cPanel should be to your website host or their tech support team. They can be a great resource to you in learning how to use cPanel and what all you should do to use it. Coming up with good questions can be hard, but that’s alright too. There are definitely ways to think up great questions to ask and ways to do so that help you out and your host or support team to help you. Knowing What You Need To Know When you ask a question you should start off by being vague but not so unspecific that they’re better suited to give you a book or a site to go to. Consider the question ‘How do I use cPanel?’ and how long of an answer you’ll be given. Instead of a…

Four Alternatives to cPanel

cPanel is a great website management tool that often comes bundled with website hosts. It’s widely used and is something of an industry standard, but for the individual website hoster who likes to have their cake and eat it too, or for the hoster working on a budget and likes their customization, and the cost of cPanel for an individual server, per month, runs from $15-$20. That’s not insignificant, factoring the possible additions of server costs, or additional expenses from domains and other software clients. The good thing is, the Internet is vast, and there’s more than one free, open-source alternative to cPanel out there. Here’s a pick of our top four. VirtualMin/WebMin VirtualMin and WebMin are a Linux distributions and Unix compatible software suite that’s easy to install, and free under a General Public License. It doesn’t look as sharp as some other control panels, but there’s some deep customization available despite the simple-looking UI. For people looking to switch to dedicated or VPS hosting, Virtualmin/Webmin is also capable of importing websites from cPanel backups, making website transfer from shared hosts to VPS/dedicated ones very simple. It can also be used together with NGINX to act as a web server and speed up processing. There’s good support and Q&A…

5 Things To Remember About Fashion Blogging

Blogging about style and fashion is a great thing to do lately. People are extremely interested in this topic, whether it’s how to dress like the stars on a dime or where to buy the most ecofriendly clothing from. Delving into this topic is sure to net your blog a lot of hits if you play your cards right. Don’t slack off, though. Just because it’s a popular topic doesn’t mean you can’t fall for some common pratfalls that kill some fashion blogs or at least minimizes their traffic. Styles Change Day By Day One day you’re going to right about how skinny jeans are super trendy and the only kind of pants you’ll need for the fall. The next day, bellbottoms are making a comeback and it’s time to burn those jeggings. A few days later, skinny jeans are back on trend and the bellbottoms are back in the 70s where they belong. This will be a constant thing you have to keep people aware of. What’s in, what’s out, and the sure distinction of when which is which. Not Everyone Is A Millionaire Fashion is usually associated with those who are wealthy. Just open some magazines on the topic. Vogue isn’t targeting the everyman with their photo spreads…


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Our Top-Rated cPanel Hosts

#1 Host: GreenGeeks
#2 Host: GlowHost
#3 Host: InterServer
#4 Host: HostGator
#5 Host: BlueHost


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